A strange phenomenon in the northern sky of Russia

  1. Yeah ive seen videos of this before and i know its something to do with the clouds and nature and all but it always looks like an angel is about to appear and judge everybody

  2. “Oh my god; look at what the sky is doing! it’s beautiful and inspiring, like a divine mandala inscribed in the heavens with light… What should we call it?”

  3. Every once in a while you can see the firmament, the great dome separating the heavens from the earth. The globe earth sheep will have you believe it is an optical phenomenon. Do not doubt the evidence before your eyes, ours is a flat plane of existence.

  4. Yea if I was born as a peasant farmer in the dark ages I’d defintley be wholeheartedly convinced that rapture or somethin was going on

  5. The flood might just be what earth needs to stop fighting each other and unify... But it just might wipe us all out too...

  6. Welp, looks like God is here. Everyone look around at anything and everything and start trying to determine some divine meaning.

  7. The Earth and space and the atmosphere and so many things at play at all times, it's no wonder people believe in aliens lol. Especially before modern times, you would know for sure this was divine or magic. At least now we know it's just a spaghetti monster in the sky, but to think we used to believe other nonsense lol savages

  8. https://redditsave.com/r/ANormalDayInRussia/comments/xdxeo5/a_strange_phenomenon_in_the_northern_sky_of_russia/

  9. The Ukrainians have had a lot of cameras watching the Russian sky for obvious reasons. They have been seeing a lot of UFO activity in the area. Could this be related.

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