No one: Russians going 140mph on snowy roads:

  1. Depends which one. There were several motors. The 1.3 liter ones could maybe go 140 eventually, but the 1.6 liter Special Lada could totally do 140 no problem.

  2. Gimme an LS, a Lada, a shitton of steel to weld in so it doesn't break in half, and a few weeks and I'll give you one

  3. Looks like the seat belt warning light in my car. If that’s the case then this guy should be in the next Jackass.

  4. Tbf that's a pretty good example of how to drive fast in snow and ice, constant smooth control letting the car take its time to find its weight point

  5. As a Russian, I must confirm it won't end well. Slipped off the road and got stuck in a snow trench on my birthday in a car without a license plate and had to pay a tractor driver in vodka to get us out (not /s)

  6. Had a Russian guy tell me you'd look sketchy if you'd wear a seatbelt in Russia, like maybe you have something to hide or maybe you're unmanly or something. I asked if the belt reminder chime doesn't get annoying after a while. He said they have plugs without the belt attached for that of course.

  7. Really, you shouldn't be driving a car with a multi-point harness and roll cage without a helmet. Porsche recommends with the GT3RS to not use the harness if you're street driving without a helmet and HANS device. It's whiplash waiting to happen.

  8. Doesn't that Lada know this road? After this short right is a sharp left, he's gotta hit the breaks or he'll end up in the snow!

  9. This “no one” meme format is redundant in this instance. Like if u take the no one part out it reads better and makes more sense. Either that or put in something to make it look normal. Like this shouldnt be able to be read like “no one, russians” thats just silly, you silly human!

  10. Pretty sure I heard it was 200mph and Ferrari signed him to drive for for them in Rallying for Skoda.

  11. Look, the old Lada's had only 65hp, and that was when they came out of the factory, nearly 40 something years back. Okay, they can still keep the motor running, but no way in hell, is that piece of shit getting to 140 miles per, that is just impossible. No one is gonna engine swap a LS in there or something like that. The 140 mp/h is a great exaggeration, going 75 at most.

  12. I had to register and throw in my 2c just to let no one in particular know that Lada speed jokes are something I enjoy very, very much but the serious comments about the top speed of those cars are not...exactly accurate.

  13. Regardless of his actual speed he’s going to be going slower than what’s showing because he hasn’t got full grip right?

  14. That video is sped up. Video never looks as fast as you're actually driving and that video looks way too fast. The lack of sound is also a giveaway as it takes work to rebalance the sounds to not give away that the video is altered.

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