My mom with ALS decided that if she got into a nursing home she would kill herself by not eating.

  1. Your mom's done. I doubt it's solely about the nursing home and that's just the signal that home care was no longer possible because her condition is worsening. The hospital trip, infection, moving, hospice, it's alot. At some point you're done. You can take some solace knowing she is confident and content with her decision. I'd recommend spending your last bit of time avoiding debate about this and just enjoy, reminisce, tell stories about the past and what's going on in your life right now.

  2. I agree for sure. I’ve been doing what I can. I just also can’t believe that she hasn’t passed yet. I know that’s what she wants and she looks miserable now. She can’t connect with people on Facebook or any communication at all.

  3. I'm so sorry. This sounds like my mom's final days, back in April. Mom wouldn't eat at all for the last 10 days or so, and she finally wouldn't take any water, either. Hopefully she's as comfortable as possible with the hospice care. So glad that you are able to spend time with her. There's just no way to care for a pALS without being very physically strong or having all the equipment, and even then, it's draining.

  4. You are so right I am a caregiver for my wife, My kids not around to help and not interested in our condition.My health deteriorate so bad I can’t even describe it

  5. She doesn’t have a home to call her own, she was living with her boyfriend who couldn’t accommodate the things she needed due to space. I’ve been with her every day for the last week, took off of work for it this week because she is really bad. Before this week I was there most of my days off. Her sister and brother have been there, her friends, my dad, and my bother and sister have been there. She has a visitor every day at least for an hour. However, she has been saying for the last year (it’s been a battle) that if she goes to a nursing home she will starve herself. She even told my sister that she started a week prior to her going to the hospital because she knew her old room mate/ex-boyfriend was getting serious. She says it’s not living which I don’t blame her, we just couldn’t of done anything else. Today she shook her head no for her best friend, my sister, and my brother to visit her but only shook her head yes for me.

  6. Your mom is calling her shot. If I were you, I would do everything you can to spend the most time with her you can because it won’t be long.

  7. This sounds so much like my mom. She withheld from drinking and it took 13 days. The best thing was she allowed us to medicate her with morphine and she just slept for the last 11 or 12 days. I'm so sorry. This is such a brutal thing to watch.

  8. Let her do it. Y’all can’t and we all die. It’s shitty but does prolonging reality help at all? It’s over. She’s done. It’s ok to be done.

  9. My wife passed at home last week in her sleep after a 3 year battle with Bulbar. She was walking, communicating and eating (not enough)on her own until the end. Didn’t want a feeding tube. Death is never the right time for those around you. She and us were lucky that she could still function up to the end. She is at peace now.

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