Who is your favorite wrestler that isn’t many peoples favorites?

  1. Lance Archer for sure. Kind of annoyed that his return after the G1 ended in getting eliminated mid-ad break in a battle royal. :/

  2. TK always seems to book most of his stories out at least a month or more ahead of time. It's been seen with a ton of people that debut, or come back from a break. They may have 1 or 2 spots immediately. Then not much, then they are featured pretty heavily.

  3. I just wanna know about those giant shades she walks out with. Where does one get sunglasses to cover a third of your face, lol.

  4. Angelico. He's not unpopular, but also not on the main shows very often. I'd love to see him get a singles feud on one of the main shows some day though.

  5. The Butcher's ring entrance duck walk game is maybe the best of all time. Overall just a super fun wrestler to watch. One of the few guys around that gives me that sense of "oh shit look at this fuckin' guy" that I used to get from proper heels back in the days when kayfabe was still legit.

  6. Not really a favorite but I simultaneously dread and cheer when he comes out: JD Drake. Idk, something about him where I cringe when he is put in an obvious jobber's match, set to lose, but the rare times he does win makes me happy lol

  7. He rules! He’s truly a workhorse, he wrestles in the promotion in my town in western ma sometimes. A true pro, one of the best running sentauns in the game imo. I’ve got his autograph in my office lol

  8. I was within a few feet of him at the Cleveland show during the trios matches. I understood after seeing him in person why Chuck Taylor gives him all the hugs.

  9. I first got into AEW when I saw the Cody vs Dustin Rhodes match and it made me a big Dustin fan. His past couple singles matches have been good (despite the finisher flub in the most recent match) and I hope he keeps getting utilized.

  10. I’ve loved him since Goldust in the 90s. Used to get teased all the time as a kid/teenager, but Dustin can fuckin go and his power slam is still the best in the buisiness imo

  11. Watched him a lot in impact , super great worker . But god dam he is boring , horrible on the mic . His title run was so boring !

  12. I'd go one step further and say that QT have GREAT match. If it wasn't for his look and character work he would genuinely have the aptitude to be an upper midcarder

  13. Can’t lie, the dude is very good at what he’s been doing on tv. People like that are valuable, glad he’s teaching

  14. It seems silly to say, but Matt Jackson. Not the Young Bucks in general (though also yes), but Matt Jackson in particular. I think people take for granted or deny how great he is, especially at the things the Bucks get accused of being bad at.

  15. Dudes been doing long term story telling of building matches around his back problems for at least 4 years now and people still wanna say the bucks don't sell.

  16. Andrade is absolutely my favorite. As far as I'm concerned, in-ring he's an all-timer. He definitely needs the right creative outside of the ring.

  17. Used to be Eddie Kingston but he’s very popular now so maybe Penelope Ford who is popular but idk how many people would call her their favorite women’s wrestler

  18. She's not my favorite but I feel like she tries the hardest to get better. Watch all her matches she gets better in everyone. Ever since they had that women's four way that they had to super edit back in season 1 lol.

  19. My favorites in AEW are all pretty popular (Starks, Jericho, Shida), but Chad Gable is my favorite in WWE.

  20. I won’t say he’s my favorite or anything but I have probably seen Silas Young wrestle more in-person than any other wrestler on earth because he was a pillar of my local indie scene and he’s only really been on AEW as a jobber

  21. Right now, Toni Storm. Everyone seems to like her but rarely see her favorited outside those mostly lusting after her. She has an explosiveness in the ring that is special and I think she’s been on top of her game in AEW so far. So fun to watch someone who is clearly more motivated and confident than I’ve seen her.

  22. I would probably say Trent, the best friends have always been a big highlight for me but Trent has been nothing but solid from the beginning. I always enjoy his matches

  23. This is my answer too. I was just getting into the product around the pandemic beginning, and she was awesome. I bought my first AEW PPV to watch her beat Nyla for the title

  24. Back when he won the RoH tittle from Brisco he was on par if not better then Kenny in New Japan. It's weird how low can a wrestler go in terms of feeling big time when you don't see them in a couple of years.

  25. Kazarian I feel at least on the active roster. Consistent, in some of the best shape of his long career, good matches, and an underrated promo.

  26. Penelope Ford... I guess? I cannot really get a feel on her popularity but I think she's a future AEW Women's Champion for sure.

  27. Kenny Omega is my favorite but one of my favorites that isn't anyone else's is Michael Nakazawa. He makes me crack up every time he's on screen

  28. Was a huge Raven fan as a kid. Just felt like he was always against the grain and doing something completely different.

  29. I loved Raven. He was one of my top-five favorite wrestlers growing up as a WCW fan. I didn't see his ECW stuff until later.

  30. Andrade has been my favourite heel since he was NXT champion, and anytime I say this someone will reply "bUt hE caNt cUt pRoMos"

  31. I really enjoy Jay Lethal's work. Really solid pro wrestler, great promo and can be funny, serious, heel, or face with ease.

  32. One of my currents is Evil Uno. Grew great as a tag team, like the moveset. Great mask and mannerisms.

  33. Shawn Spears and Trent. I feel like they have the potential to be huge stars. They both have the look and can go in the ring. That being said they do a good job in their roll. I’m happy with the AEW product. Despite the recent shenanigans, I’m confident they will continue to put out good programming!

  34. Stu Grayson. He's a fighter, he should be in there beating up PAC and Orange Cassidy but he got stuck with a comedy gimmick and had to go elsewhere.

  35. ABADON for me, I think she’s got a really unique look, I just think she needs some more time and a more defined character other than “spooky girl”

  36. Brutus Beefcake. He's basically the epitome of shit gimmicks, nepotism and bugfuck insane random happenstance (his face got absolutely destroyed in a freak accident... he got better). I still crack up when I remember that he main evented Starrcade, and I 100% plan on getting a tattoo of him as the Zodiac in the immediate future.

  37. I feel like I know some of my favorites that people do know but the ones that don't know mine's going to be Serena Deeb I feel like some people know her from WWE because of The Straight Edge Society with CM Punk so... It's about 50/50

  38. Ethan Page. MJF got asked whose the most underrated wrestler in AEW right now and he said Ethan Page as well. I've said it before I really hope that either AEW uses Page like he should be (He's been with the company for well over a full year) or Ethan Page should try going to the Fed because he deserves to be used properly.

  39. I absolutely adore Sammy Guevara and can't believe how many folks hate him when a lot of it seems to stem from legit heel work that folks think is more real than it is.

  40. Penelope Ford and Bunny. It seems like they would rather focus on WWE castoffs or one coming back from neck surgery.

  41. Jungle boy, Athena, Ortiz, Cassidy, chuck taylor, Eddie Kingston, chad gable, face tay, good brothers, Johnny hungee, Matt lee. I could probably think of lots more

  42. Of all time, it's Rick Steiner. As a kid I loved the tag team and specifically the Dog Faces Gremlin.

  43. In the broadest possible sense of the question, Mick Foley. Yes, I know he's universally beloved, but I think few people would call him their FAVOURITE wrestler. But he's my favourite of all time, hands down, no contest.

  44. Not a wrestler but me and my girlfriend love Mark Sterling. Tony Nese is always fun too, some great matches on dark.

  45. I’ve been a Brian Cage fan since he got to AEW. The guy can work a great match with anyone and I don’t know why he hasn’t been pushed more than he has. He could have a tremendous feud with Wardlow for the TNT Championship.

  46. Toni Storm. Been seeing a lot of hate on her lately and I’m assuming that’s due to her spotlight now. But even before she was champ she’s been one of my favs.

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