Isn't Wellbutrin supposed to make me less depressed?

  1. It's ridiculously ironic that "antidepressants" can actually GIVE people depression. I had never identified as someone with depression, but Wellbutrin introduced me to what depression is.

  2. They ended up putting me on a low dose of Zoloft to counteract the depression and anxiety that Wellbutrin was causing. Too bad neither help with my ADHD 🤷‍♂️

  3. I was going to say give it another week. I really hated the side effects of Wellbutrin when I took it for depression in the 90s for the first two or three weeks (it made me super jittery and the insomnia was bad too). But after that third week or so it was like a miracle drug for me.

  4. I tried Wellbutrin for ADHD and stayed on it just two days (I'm pretty easily weirded out by meds). It made me feel depressed, too. I'm not qualified to recommend anything in your particular case, but I recently tried a low dose of Adderall (despite also having anxiety) instead, and it's a good fit and helping in all the ways I hoped Wellbutrin would.

  5. I also had wellbutrin take me through a shit of a ride the first few weeks. I honestly felt like shit most of the time, if not tired and unmotivated then just low/sad and on my worst days it felt like I could fucking breakdown if a breeze hit me the wrong way. It wasn't fun. But it did settle down after those first few weeks, and I felt more motivated and calm. The only thing now is that I think I might have to up the dose because I'm not really sure it's working as well anymore? I try to shut down my suicidal ideation and most of the time i can do it, but recently it's been harder, but idk if that's just because life is stressing me out or because the drug is loosing it's effects🤷‍♀️ I am happy most of the time, but those lows hit me seemingly out of no where, and when I get out of them I don't understand why I felt that bad in the first place.

  6. I'd call your doc for sure. When I started treating my ADHD some of my other symptoms/issues cleared up and the severity of my depression set in. I have a combo of stims and SNRI's to help keep me level and functioning. There are lots of med options/combos so if you feel this poorly off the hop, I'd ask if there is something else to work with.

  7. Yes! Call your doc but understand that sometimes people respond poorly to some antidepressants and can make their symptoms WORSE! They are not all the same. If you are feeling like this call your doc to discontinue and try something else!

  8. Call your doctor ASAP. Wellbutrin just might not work well for you, especially if the side effects are extra shitty. They usually dissipate after 1-2 weeks.

  9. I’d call your doctor, but if they didn’t warn you of the possible side effects and how to recognize them, you might want to look for a new doctor. That’s really unsafe! I haven’t taken Wellbutrin, but I know that these symptoms aren’t normal, and need to be addressed before they get worse! Just remember this isn’t you, the feelings can come and go, and you don’t have to act on them. If you feel that you’re having unsafe thoughts, reach out to someone immediately. 💜

  10. I’m a month in and just switched to SR from the XL, which is 100 mg twice a day. I can confirm the first two weeks absolutely sucked. My biggest issue now is the excessive sweating as a side effect. I’ve made huge progress and decided to go another 30 days to see if my body finally catches up the increase in energy. I’m also on 10mg lexapro, so I knew what to expect going in taking a daily med like this that takes time to adjust to. All said and done, if it’s too much, please do call the doc. I live with my GF and she’s been a huge help in leveling me out.

  11. During the first two weeks there are initial side effects, which are normal. This includes psychological side effects. If the side effects are particularly severe or don't stop after the first two weeks, then I would see a doctor.

  12. I felt very shitty and not like myself. I consulted a doctor and quit. I felt better literally the next day. It seemed a bit weird to me that I was prescribed something with these weird potential side effects for ADHD. I really was not depressed when I started, and became depressed because of this shit.

  13. Quite literally the same experience as me. I have no idea why antidepressants are even a consideration in ADHD treatment.

  14. I feel for you. :( I took Wellbutrin for only a few days and it made my depression worse, sending me down a suicidal spiral. My psych nurse told me to stop it immediately. We found out I have bipolar 2 disorder and I’m now trying a mood stabilizer instead. I’ve had too many adverse reactions to antidepressants.

  15. Wellbutrin was living hell for me. Made a post last week on my experience - I was prescribed it for ADHD, but I hade NO idea why antidepressants are becoming an ADHD treatment method.

  16. Are you taking any other medications too which may be causing the side effects? Or do you smoke? The advice to speak to doctor seems sound.

  17. Please call your doctor. These don’t sound like the typical side effects that you just have to “get through”. I tired Wellbutrin for about 4 months and it just want a good fit for me.

  18. I wouldn't jump to that thought just based on the side effects from wellbutrin. Severe depression/suicidal thoughts and behaviors is a well known serious side effect caused by wellbutrin. There is a box warning for wellbutrin from the FDA because it was shown to cause this issue in rare instances. They did not find any other contributing drug interaction or comorbidities that increased this risk except for being a child through young adult. The risk was so high in adolescents that it is no longer supposed to be prescribed to anyone under 18.

  19. It looks like you’ve already gotten and responded to tons of great advice, but I wanted to add my voice to the chorus and say keep your doctor totally completely in the loop (!!!) and give it time. Wellbutrin has deff helped my depression but the first week or so was weird. But it can also cause things like suicidal tendencies if it’s not right for you long-term, so please keep your doctor appraised, stay safe, and take care do yourself!

  20. I think everyone handles these things differently. For me it just works. No side effects. It just does what it’s supposed to and I don’t even notice!

  21. I felt the same the first week or two taking it, very depressed with some suicidal thoughts, and then the effects started to settle. Since starting the medication months ago, my emotions are the most regular it has ever been my entire life. Its an amazing feeling to be honest!

  22. Hey I just started Wellbutrin I think almost a month ago, I feel like I just came out of a big “relapse” I’m pretty sure it can get worse before it gets better and full effects are supposed to take after like a month or two, of course talk to your doctor about what your feeling. Be patient with yourself, and just know it will get better, if you need someone to chat with Im here 🤘🏼

  23. I had this problem trying Wellbutrin the first time. I believe the issue was trying to jump into too high of a dosage (150mg) and then upping that dosage too fast (300mg). I quit after a week because the side effects were bad, but tried it again after my insurance wouldn't cover Strattera. The second time, I started with 100mg, then 200mg, then 300 and it was still a bit unpleasant for a few days every time I upped the dosage but much better than the first time around. I also cut out caffeine because it was making anxiety and restlessness worse.

  24. Talk to your doctor ASAP! I've tried many antidepressants, one was Wellbutrin and I could only stand it for 3 weeks. I became so depressed, apathetic and dissociated. While it did help me stop smoking cigarettes really quickly, it was not the antidepressant for me! Don't give up though! Sometimes it takes some trial and error until you find the right medication!

  25. It's normal its side effects they come and they go if after 1 weeks it's continues then go see your doctor side effects can last up to 1 week or more I've taking alot of antidepressants and I know it's hard the first week or 2 but things should get better if not well it's not for you .

  26. Most anti-depressants carry the risk of worsening depressive symptoms. It's up to you to decide if it isn't for you, bupropion doesn't work for everybody.

  27. Wellbutrin is known to make depression worse and cause suicidal ideation in “young adults”. - I was out of the age range but had those issues and had to get right off it

  28. Definitely call your doctor, keep in mind it could be the dosage and your own metabolism. I initially started Wellbutrin at 300mg (3 100mg instant release tabs per day, six hours apart) and when they swapped me to an extended release formula, is basically did nothing. I could feel when it wore off, and I was right back to how I was before. I'd say for me it took about a month to fully get used to the med, but I was kind of mentally out of it a few days. I would definitely ask about the dosage, but increasing the dosage in your case really might not be the best idea, but you could maybe do instant release once a day and see if that has a different effect. It's technically less than the extended release and you will probably feel when it wears off a bit, but when I was on the extended release, I would feel it wear off hours before it was supposed to, which was coincidentally the same time I was supposed to take my old dose the second time that day. Wellbutrin might just also not be the right med for you, and even what I've experienced might not correlate to you and how your body is reacting

  29. I’m on it too! I was low for 3 weeks but now so so so much better. I made sure to surround myself with stuff like dinner with friends, planning to go to the gym, being extra extra nice to myself. I’m so sorry you’re going through it. Stay safe love!

  30. i was on wellbutrin, a side effect is anxiety, and irritability is not uncommon but not directly related. for me i had to wait the full 2 weeks and i worked perfectly well. there were definitely hiccups while on it as anxiety can casue a lot of issues but i did become more functional overall. one thing to recognize is that it works similarly to a stimulant, so it can have some of the same draw backs. you may focus better or worse depending on how attentive you were before being on it, and other factors can also detract from your ability to focus like general interest in the task or lack of a deadline.

  31. I got put on wellbutrin for a while but when I went back to my primary dr she took me off it immediately because of seizure risk among other risk factors i don't remember that one just sticks. Id change medications especially if it's not working for you anyways. It can take a few tries before you find what works for you.

  32. Did it help you before you were taken off? Was there anything specific to your health that would make risk of seizure higher?

  33. I think your thread and follow up is the only thing that helped snap me out of a really, really bad side effect. I am on day 14 and this gives me hope. I wish my provider would get back to me.

  34. That's great to hear! Thank you so much! At this point I'm doing way better, than before I took the medicine. It was really, really rough, but ultimately worth it.

  35. For me 300mg felt better than 150mg, noticably so. Try 300mg, it's the "standard" dose. 150mg / day not really common. If 300mg doesn't work, then maybe it's not right for you. Though I have heard of people taking 450mg for an effect. But definintely, 300mg. There's a huge difference. On 150mg I feel like not doing anything

  36. This is not good advice. It may be true that 300 is the target dosage that will help, but jumping too quickly to that especially without a doctor telling you to is likely to dramatically increase side effects at best, and dangerous at worst. Wellbutrin lowers the seizure threshold as well, which is why it is VERY rare that a person takes more than 300mg (and also why you're not supposed to drink alcohol regularly while taking it). The risk of going above 300mg usually outweighs the benefit. Don't make any changes before consulting your doc.

  37. That is good to hear 300mg is the standard dose. I have been doing that for 2 months and I was worried it might be too much because I’m easily agitated now

  38. It definitely takes time to adjust to it and you may need to adjust the dosage as well, as others have suggested. Are you talking with your prescriber about what you are experiencing?

  39. Wellbutrin could worsen anxiety, that might be the reason. I thought stimulants were first line for ADHD, not sure why they gave you Bupropion.

  40. I take welbutrin and it took a few tries of different dosage and immediate vs extended release. The rage and anger faded after 2 weeks and I definitely like it a lot now. I take it with Zoloft and that seems to be a cocktail that works for me. Good luck, most psychs will want you to take it for 4-6 weeks to give it time before switching around

  41. Hang in there bud, this is the same reaction I had. Those 2 weeks make a world of difference. If you still feel this way after everything is settled talk to your doctor about a dose increase.

  42. I pretty much completely ignore how meds make me feel for the first two weeks. it can take up to two months for your body to get used to medication so just power through and if you still feel this way in a week it’s probably concerning

  43. I was on Wellbutrin XL 150mg for a month, and I didn't feel anything (in fact I had really intrusive and awful thoughts and nearly had a breakdown) on it, besides tinnitus. I told my therapist and she switched me to Sertraline 50 mg and Lamotrigin 50 mg daily. I feel more stable and it has only passed a week.

  44. I literally just went through this, although I'm taking it for anxiety. I do have a history of depression though. In the beginning, the anxiety and resulting anger was overwhelming, and it had already been overwhelming before I started. I'm still exhausted. I saw one of your other comments saying that your dr told you to power through, otherwise I'd tell you to contact them.

  45. It can get your brain back up to a higher speed, but the old content is still there. Pretty common with any antidepressant and usually passes within three weeks- it's not permanent.

  46. For what its worth, I had a pretty good experience, but it also fluctuated in the early days, before it settled in.

  47. I started the medication while travelling and am 16 days in. Your completely right about the alcohol and caffeine. Feel like I'm spiralling but can't talk to a doctor about it till I'm back in 12 days. Feeling pretty scared

  48. I definitely felt low emotionally for the first few days but for you it sounds like you should call your doctor asap and let them know.

  49. I was also told it takes two weeks to see fully how it will affect you; especially for ppl with anxiety and ADD, it can address those too but like all psych meds, it won’t be the same for everyone and can have opposite effects. This one works with dopamine and norepinephrine primarily and it takes two weeks for the amount of dopamine to build up in your brain, according to my doctor

  50. I was on alot of meds I shouldnt have been on in the worst times of my life when I was really into cutting n shit. That was one of them. Id take a lot of caution with that med, and many others.

  51. I lost 5 years of my life because that shit made me sleepy AS HELL! Are you taking other medications, too? once I added my ADHD meds to the mix I felt a lot better!

  52. I went through the same. I experienced every side effect one at a time every day. But, it did level out once my doctor upped my dosage and now i feel great. Talk to your doctor for sure though

  53. Wellbutrin did the same to me, I was agitated and anxious all day. I couldn’t sleep and it was so hard on my mental health. I stopped after 4 days because my psychiatrist said that those side effects are not normal.

  54. I had a similar reaction to you. I’m now on concerta, which should technically be more anxiety-causing, but it is not for me personally.

  55. I’m on Buspirone! I’m calm AF but still not focus! I’m scared to switch for this exact reason. But it’s great. Granted different ppl and bodies but maybe worth a try!

  56. I tried Wellbutrin a year ago; switched from Zoloft prior to trying Zoloft + Adderall. Wellbutrin made me INSANELY depressed. Please know you are not alone at all, and these feelings are coming on from the medication — not you. Don’t give up, you will find the right meds 💜

  57. I had two massive critical failures with meds (SSRIs) before i finally got papal dispensation to put stimulants in my system.

  58. Call your doctor first thing, and let them know it is a serious situation to get back to asap. I had a bad reaction to Wellbutrin and it can cause suicidal ideation. I took it to quit smoking, wasn't depressed at the time, and noticed I became very depressed.

  59. Wellbutrin was no match for me, it made me borderline psychotic. I was so angry all the time, I couldn't stomach it. On Vyvanse I felt some of the same but it's been two weeks now and it's finally starting to feel really good. Lots of negative thoughts went through my head, or I always had them I just couldn't hear them clearly. Going trough all that and just feeling the feelings was some of the toughest shit I've ever done. But now it's starting to pay off.

  60. I did an edit, if you feel like reading it. But here is the TLDR: Wanted to quit. Decided to stick with it. It paid off. I'm really a lot better now.

  61. Hi there. Was your last edit made recently? I recently started Wellbutrin on 150mg extended release, today is my 5th day taking it. I take it alongside Prozac 60mg. I know people say it takes time to kick in, but I have zero appetite and am still really anxious. But it’s strange, I’ll have a good random day sometimes but mostly anxious depressed days. Are you still a fan of the Wellbutrin?

  62. It took about 4 weeks for the horrible anxiety and irritability to subside and the therapeutic effects to stabilize. However, the loss of appetite stuck around for the nearly 2 years I was on Wellbutrin and had to stop taking it as I was barely eating, which was worsening my mood.

  63. I’m going thru this right now. Just started about 5 days ago. Feeling very sad. But this also happened to my mom and after a few weeks she got better

  64. This is actually hilarious. I love how genuine you are. And for sure, the side effects are legit awful. I upped to 300mg and have been crying and just so all over the place. I how are you feeling now? Will you continue to take these meds?

  65. Thank you! It's important to me to showcase how I innitially felt. At this point I also upgraded to 300mg. Seems to work quite well after "only" 21 days of feeling off. I'm still here, still kicking ass. Hopefully not my own.

  66. The start of wellbutrin can cause serious depressive side effects while your brain chemistry adjusts. It can also cause headaches and insomnia so drink lots of water and just know it should clear up after two weeks. If it doesn't definitely talk to your doctor and they can explain how to safely go off of it.

  67. I'm gonna quit this.. I don't like this anti-depressant bullshit. I'll try and get some competent help, but that usually means waiting months in my country.

  68. What's it like now on day 30? It's day 15 for me with similar doubts. For the first few days it felt like it was a miracle cure. Then it made me anxious/angry... Just wondering where you're at now.

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