Their faces once they realized their 6 year scam didn't go as planned is priceless😂

  1. I laughed when his mom was saying something about how she’ll never find another man who will treat her like he did. Uhhhh yeah that’s the point

  2. Or looks like her and his sister insulted her butt but keeps getting surgery to look like Chantal 😂😂 The gravy train has stopped, the only scam that Chantal's family was right about was his Mom and sister scamming Chantal to pay for everything for them...but then they have the nerve to call her lazy.

  3. Pedro on the come up with his evil spitting family, the mother has the balls to say that Pedro 'shined up' Chantel.

  4. Evil family... aka Karen who constantly made racial undertones when speaking about Pedro and his family ... gotcha

  5. I can't stand that entire rat faced family. They are hideous people... on the inside, and out. It's LAUGHABLE how his sister is trying to get into pageants. It's painfully obxious how jealous she is of Chantel, even getting surgeries to look like her. Like wtfffff.. crawl back into the hole you came from.

  6. Pageants like little BooBoo? Ick…I wonder how much did Chantel pay to get her into the pageant? Also, what was her talent; oh I remember; she snagged the low class ass from NewYork; another ick!

  7. It pretty much went according to plan, except that TLC, or Sharp Productions, pays so little. With the time on the air, and the ratings, they would all be millionaires if paid like "Teens Moms" personalities are paid.

  8. everyone admits that TLC pays so little but yall still lying and saying Paydro contributed half of that $265K from his show earnings

  9. wonder what they're pulling in on Cameo? that's the cycle we typically see. then they go to OnlyFans. then get involved in some MLM thing. then they're done.

  10. They don't have a clue how badly Pedro acted, in fact, the meaner he was to Chantel, the more they liked it and encouraged it. I really hope they don't benefit by still being on the show. I don't want to see Pedro, and especially not Lidia, Nicole, and Alejandro.

  11. That’s how it is in Hispanic countries. Machismo. Man of the house. Show strength or else you’re a pussy and will get 0 respect from women. The more mean and nasty he is with women, the more he will get, the more praise he will also get. It’s old fashioned culture, but still very very popular in central and South America, even Eastern European countries. Man rules, women adores and cleans. Sad, but truth.

  12. I was watching season 3 yes they are scammers but they are bad scammers and I kept thinking Nicole is stupid. At least the mom admitted they are living off Pedro ans Chantel. Like don’t bite the hand that feeds you right?

  13. I mean “birds of a feather flock together” as the saying goes. If Chantel took the clues of his family being trash and Pedro defending his sister and mom when they were in the wrong that tells you a lot about a person.

  14. Pedro every time he opens his mouth he sounds so stupid and looks the same and pictures to like he’s such a victim

  15. I was so angry when the mom said pedro polished chantel they are delusional if anyone brought anyone up it was chantel who made pedro. an didn't he not work for awhile till chantel told him he needed to get a job in the beginning when he was playing his video games? Pedro saying he cleaned an did all stuff in the house well isn't that what you do to support your wife while she worked an was in school. Pedro having this big ego will come crashing down thinking he's this top real-estate ticoon is laughable he would be back in the Dominican washing dishes an certainly wouldn't be doing as well if it wasn't for chantel an its infuriating to hear the crap come out his mouth on he is the best in the relationship I hope chantel will find a man who will treat her like a queen as she deserves

  16. I was so angry when he was yelling and being mean to her when she failed her nursing test. She was crying & really depressed & all he could do was be extremely selfish about it. Telling her that it was supposed to be his time now. It really reminded me of Mohammad when he told Yve that he didn’t care about what she wanted and that her dream wedding would mean that he had to wait even longer to get his green card so he could go home to see his mommy. It’s like all Pedro and Mohammad wanted was to get jobs so they can make money and leave the ladies that helped bring them here. The women that they supposedly loved. I really believed that Pedro loved Chantel, but if he did how can he turn love into hate that quickly. And his only reason was because Chantel wouldn’t clean the house and liked to sleep in on her days off. That’s not a real reason for hating the one that you supposedly loved

  17. Pedro just didn’t play things out correctly. He left the house - something you never do - and he thought that his in laws were going to be supportive when they broke up.

  18. Him pulling up to her parents house to talk shit about Chantal was crazy.. cuz like??? That’s her family?? Winter went off a lil bit but I think the dad handled it better than mine would have

  19. Just watched the most recent episode, Pedro is certainly in this for the cash. When he went on the hunt for Chantel he was as intense and dedicated as Liam Nesson looking for his daughter in taken 😂...

  20. I have never watched family Chantel bc I felt they were boring at the time of 90 Day. Is this season worth jumping into ? For more context , I stopped watching the recent 90 day bc I lost interest and loving the UK season. Need something to put on during work !

  21. What I find hilarious is that Pedro’s family try to give him all the credit for “pushing her to go to school, polishing her up and making her who she is” today. (In quotes because that’s literally what they said) I was not surprised they would say that though. They’re absolutely delusional. Chantel was ALREADY working on her Bachelors before they got married, so they sound like a pack of imbeciles. Can’t stand those frog face hyenas. They’re rotten to the core.

  22. Wasn’t she working on her bachelors even before they had even met? Yeah sure, ”Family Pedro” he is exactly why Chantel is who she is now. They live in a fantasy world where only they are the only ones that matter. They really are the definition of delusional, in every way

  23. Mama Chantel harvested that TLC money and got her show, although the pay is nowhere near "The Real Housewives" of Atlanta, where Karen was rejected. After that rejection, they went hunting for a 90 day husband for Chantel, in order to get on TV.

  24. They really didn’t. I think it’s just that it’s sounding like they did. I don’t know what to believe really. I can’t figure out if he did scam her or if he just fell out of love. But a lot of what he’s saying and doing lately makes it seem like a scam. I don’t know if we’ll ever know the truth

  25. Ehhh I think they’re all nuts honestly, but they all have milked this reality tv train for the better half of a decade. Idk whether to be impressed or disgusted, right now… I’m both.

  26. I honestly think that Pedro and Chantel loved each other at some point. You can see as time progresses, Pedro stopped having the same feelings for her.

  27. Perhaps true. But it’s been a minute. He’s been tripping about divorce since eeaarrllyy on. He was contemplating when he first went to an attorney for advice on bringing his people over: and said on camera he had to be nice to Chantel because he needed her. He was talking about divorce back in the days Colt was on… Curious as to why production would include him joking about divorce on camera but didn’t: they could’ve cut it out especially since you could tell Chantel was hurt…. Wonder if they knew Pedro was up to no good…and was letting the viewers know….

  28. Did anyone ever pick up that Pedro said Chantel is lazy? What about him? Did you guys noticed that Pedro never got his hands dirty doing outside work? He did not even do the yard work like cutting grass. Being as RN is not an easy job, they work very long hours mentally and physically between 12 to 24 hours shift, so of course she wants to relax on her days off. Her job is taking care of patients which could be life and death.

  29. I didn’t realize that he drove a business car? Did they mention that in one of the episodes? I must’ve missed it if they did. I always thought that Chantel got it for him so she didn’t have to drive him around anymore or something.

  30. Every time he speaks about himself as having given her so much; it’s always black & white. Good vs. bad. He speaks of himself in only a positive light, and Chantel in the negative. His thought process is so stunted he is stuck on those statements!! I hope they both mature emotionally and have positive lives after this divorce process.

  31. It could just be the way TLC edited the show, but you’re right, it’s always only her fault according to him

  32. I wonder how his timing to ask for a divorce was effected by his father declining to meet or speak to him. Was he expecting his father in the DR to accept & praise him for his marriage and financial standing? Pedro is in need of serious self-improvement; but there’s no way he’ll engage in that with his mother and sister in his life.

  33. I find it really odd that that’s what she wants for her own brother? How about someone who’s kind, loyal and loves him for him? All his sister cares about is looks and it’s disgusting

  34. Well it sounds like Pedro really really likes expensive things so I’d say not even a small amount of American dollars harvested. But there was definitely a lot of luxury items harvested during his time here. I just get the feeling that he’s not very good with money, not even the littlest bit 😉

  35. I remember when it all began and Chantel met Pedro because he was teaching her how to speak Spanish. She fell for the banana in the tailpipe. Lol! Pun intended. Karen has suspicions all along from the beginning.

  36. I have not watched a single episode of this show. Is it truly worth the watch or will it cause me annoyance beyond repair?

  37. Both 😉 I’d say that I thought it was worth a watch. I started watching it with the new season when it first aired. I watched the first episode and then went back to the first season and watched the whole thing

  38. Nicole has the same Bird face as her Mama. Like two ugly vultures searching for prey. Chantel is not roadkill. Your Son and Brother was an epic failure. He thought he could hit but he missed. Let them try scamming Antonella (Home wrecker, Bitch Ass Ho).

  39. It’s called a long con..too bad a lot of sad thirsty women will still be on his jock! 🤡.. and may they reap what they sew!

  40. i see a lot of thirsty/low self esteem women defending him its sad. and andrew tate-esque men. one of the men commented that Chantel needs to go on fresh n fit.

  41. I don't know who needs to hear this but if you feel the need to defend that little snake Pedro and his atrocious family after watching what he put Chantel through and the way his mother and sister talk about her then you are playing The devil's advocate and you are no better than they are! 🫤

  42. the pro-pedro people are sick. they can only defend the hypothetical choice of divorce, most arent even watching the season so they dont know that people are objecting to how Paydro is treating Chantel, not him choosing to leave. You see most the people here pretend the family Chantel is more scripted than others.

  43. Divorce, American style, is not as easy as divorcing in the DR. Exhibit A: Marc Anthony divorcing Dayanara Torres in 2004 in the DR, just before he married J.Lo in the USA vs. Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy, who’ve been divorcing in a NY court since… forever.🤷🏻‍♀️

  44. I haven’t watched all of the episodes but it seemed to have worked out for them. He’ll probably be able to bring them over too where they can continue to mooch off of him and continue their glow up.

  45. I just don’t see that happening, at least it’s not gonna happen any time soon. He can’t even afford groceries now that he’s moved out. He had to take $11,000 out of their shared business account and nobody really knows why. Most people think that the $5,000 was for his apartment but what was the other $6,000 for? Now that Chantel emptied that account when she realized that he was taking money from an account that they had agreed on not touching he doesn’t have any money for groceries. I find it very strange that he’s that broke. I know that he sends money to his family, but does that mean that he’s been living off of Chantel’s money or their business account money this whole time? How is he going to bring them over here? He would need enough money for their visas,(one or both of them) enough money to support them while they can’t work, as well as money for a place to live, unless they all live in his one bedroom apartment. It’s most likely going to be many many years from now that he’ll be able to afford to bring them here. I know that you said that you haven’t watched all of the episodes so I’m just trying to fill you in some. 🤗

  46. Whatever happened with Nicole’s boyfriend that lived in NY but was married? I stopped watching after that season

  47. I’d love to have a real debate with someone here. I’m still torn on whether he was scamming or not

  48. I dont think he was. I think they had terrible communication and too many people and opinions in their marriage.

  49. What will they do without the money they made from knowing Chantel? They're going to wish they were nicer to Chantel when Nicole can't pay for her 6 month chin injections without the money from the show. Her chin will literally hit the floor when they realize no one wants a spin off of "The Family Pedro"!🤢🤮

  50. If i didnt know this family, i would think the bottom pics were the unflattering photos of the people above them, but in the same wig with rollers lmfao

  51. As someone who only watched them on 90 Day and can't remember much, what is the deal with this couple and what does this show focus on? Will never watch this spin off but trying to understand the drama.

  52. I cannot stand Pedro’s piggy backing sister and mom. They influenced this guy so bad. Thankfully Chantal has nothing to lose! Go date drake girl! Get it!

  53. Chantel is “WINNING” and I’m here for it. He began being very cold and strait up abandoned his wife. She, is now holding all of the cards and he is visibly losing his mind 🤣🤣 ALL HE-OR HIS FAMILY CARE ABOUT IS MONEY! Nothing, made me happier than how Karen opened the window and handed Pedro his ass. I admit-her Family can be over the top. BUT, in this moment I’m LOVING to see the tables turned on Pedro. After, he treated his wife so poorly and abandoned her —— It’s EXACTLY what he deserved!

  54. I literally cannot watch any scenes with Pedro. Correct me if I’m wrong, and I know that Chantel isn’t innocent, but he’s just the worst. It’s always how he is alone but he isolated himself and tried to fight her family?

  55. Not his fault either. The attack on Pedro is wild lol. The people attacking Pedro I wonder how they treated an ex when they decided to leave them

  56. They only seemed happy because they thought they were getting some of that money but the judge ruled in Chantel's favor so the jokes on them and whoever is rooting them. Hahaha😝

  57. Look this was not one cited!! Both family’s are at fault here.. for those of you that are saying poor Pedro give me a break.. he had this plan all All along! Takeoff your damn blindfold off he’s a dick.. he’s a grown man he knows what he’s doing he wanted out he left her!! Weather it was her family or his… The blame isn’t all on them dude has a mind of his own everyone needs to get a grip!! It’s over. PERIOD

  58. 6 year scam??? 😂. Pedro and Chantel both come from garbage families. If anything it was a scam to get them on tv. This divorce is well deserved. You can't really watch this unfold and think it's anyone's fault.

  59. You’re right. Not every Latino wants to come to America for a green card. But his mom and his sister definitely want to come to America. In a way I think that it could’ve been Pedro’s plan as well. But I seriously don’t think that we’ll ever truly know what’s fact. Pedro is never going to admit that it was a scam if it was. But he’s not making himself look very good right now either. And that’s what’s making me upset when I watch the show, his behavior. But then again it could all just be the way that TLC is editing the show to make everyone hate him & his family. It’s rather a tough one to figure out & like I said we’ll never really know for sure what the truth is

  60. The family Pedro’s meal ticket is about to dry up I’m thinking. They should all end up on the streets back in the Dominican.

  61. "racist" isn't Pedro and his family black descent? Stop using the race card. Pedro was with Chantel since 2016 they split 2021 thats about 6 years scamming.

  62. I believe that his family wants him to divorce her because they think that he’s loaded now, that he’s earned a ton of money in America during those 6-7 years. However long it was exactly

  63. No she didn’t. She had every right to move the money. I doubt she’s out blowing it. At the rate Pedro was spending it the whole amount would be gone. Especially since his mom and sister are living with him. Chantel is a beautiful woman who deserves nothing but happiness. I hate Pedro and his family. They are awful. Chantel works as a nurse full time and does other things to bring in cash. Have you ever seen his mom or sister do anything besides bitch?? Or ask for money that Chantel provided? For a long time Pedro worked in a restaurant and cleaned tables if I remember correctly. Becoming a realtor takes no time. Chantel got her BSN despite being famous. Chantel deserves every cent of that cash. Fuck Pedro

  64. Those 3 were hoping to live off that $132,500 that Pedro was moaning and crying about that he demanded Chantel give him. I honestly hope he didn’t get one red cent of that money because he doesn’t deserve it!

  65. What scam lol, I loved when Chantel said “ you would of took all the money, that’s why I took all the money” lmao like how dumb are you. If you wanted your money she should of took half. She legit starts all this BS between them and than plays the victim, examples — went and made a scene at his job, and than cried as if she was the victim of that . Stole all the money in the SHARED accounts and cried that about that .

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