Was doing an IT training and this stock image was on one of the slides. Is it Jabri?

  1. I was doing training vids for the home Depot last year and I recognize a 90Day guy in a stock photo. I'm blanking at the moment of who, but I'll be thinking the next couple days

  2. Him in an alternative universe where, he doesn’t have tattoos, wears regular not in ur face clothes, has a stable job and income, is married with 3 kids, and never thought once to ever go outside his home state.

  3. Maybe the Stock Photo Life is the dark underbelly of modeling and that’s how he got lured into tattoos and Rock n Roll!

  4. I don’t understand the wolf bark at the moon 🌚 n your neck. SMH. I think it’s him. The nose is the give away.

  5. I mean, it’s been very obvious that he only applied for 90 Day Fiancé so he could promote his dumb band but he wants to “model” too?? I swear, even though I know at this point that the only people who come on the show are people who are trying to be famous, it still is just such a buzzkill when it’s confirmed.

  6. He’s def model material. If he had grown up in a different state/city he would of been all over print and maybe runway or acting. It’s the fate of a lot of beautiful and talented people who just don’t have access to major city auditions or agencies.

  7. That’s so funny, these 90 days folks everywhere. I actually like his speaking voice, even when he’s saying some nonsense he sounds nice I must admit.

  8. Oh my lord this man fr tried to be a model and got himself on some stock photos... for the love of christ man just get a fucking JOB.

  9. Reality is stranger than fiction! This is my first time posting here because it was too magical not to share. I went on his website and even sent him a message through this Community app thing he has. No response yet

  10. If that’s not him its the closest doppelgänger I’ve ever seen! Although the hair isn’t dyed so maybe its Bizzaro World Jibri.

  11. I swear if I walk into Walmart and see his photo in one of the picture frames in the aisle I am going to lose my shit

  12. U may be able to check out how many different shows if u go to his IMBD, but hr has been on quite a few ID shows. I cant remember if any of them are actual speaking parts, but I don't think so

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