Ugh I can't decide who's worse...

  1. And how rude and condescending she is. I hate Bilal but I feel like Kobe is more “stuck” as in his child is involved. He has to deal with Emily if he wants to be involved with his child, which he clearly does.

  2. 100% this. She is using the fact that he is the foreigner and a dad trying to see his son against him. I don't think she even cared he wasn't there in the first place. If he left tomorrow she would still have family support. She made him apologize for telling her to stfu (which i agree with btw) and when she could have apologized for being rude and bossy she instead chose to be sarcastic and dismiss his feelings.

  3. Just watching it now. Isn't interesting how she can talk to Kobe ROUTINELY as if he is a stupid, naive, useless person; BUT if he tells her to "shut the fuck up," it is a grevious sin, worthy of expulsion from her life. And mama with the hippie hair is totally shocked and offended. I would take someone who talks to me like I have dignity 99 percent of the time, and once in a while swears at me, over someone who degrades me with words, faces, actions continually. Emily is messed up and mama Hippie had a big role in it.

  4. She is for sure worse. Holding her son as blackmail over him, being so condescending and rude. Then acting so innocent. She needs a serious reality check. I wish he could just take that baby home with him. Emily is the worst.

  5. Its so sad, especially since Kobe really wants to be a dad. I mean how lucky is she to have been knocked up during some fling, and this guy waits a whole 2 years to finally be with you and their son? I honestly hope that one day men also have the legal right to see their kids, so they can’t be threatened by such woman…it’s so sad for the kid(s) and also the dad involved.

  6. It started when he arrived and wanted to see his son. She said no. I want sex. He wanted to sleep with his family. She said no. I want the baby to sleep and not connect with you. He wants to drive. She said no. I have things that you aren’t smart enough to use. He wants to help. She said you can’t shovel correctly. He says enough, very rudely. She scolded and pouted and made him grovel.

  7. Emily is that waiter that gets all the orders wrong then talks in circles about how you ordered wrong and plays victim when you have to refer to someone else to get what you paid to eat.

  8. I worked with a girl like her once. Give her any power and she goes fucking crazy with it. Not sure how people can't see how they're acting.

  9. Does Emily’s mom seriously think that it was fine for Emily to stand around and direct Kobe with incessant bitching?! Emily kept saying she was “talking” to him. That wasn’t talking.

  10. That, and I have the sense she’s not very tidy. Her unwashed, stretched out sweaters are just gross!🤢 The house is not too bad, but I’ll bet her mother picks up after her.

  11. Bilal, hands down. Emily is annoying, yes, but Bilal is manipulative and borderline abusive. His behavior is pretty problematic to me.

  12. YES!!!! Bilal is actively breaking Shaeda down. Negging her, creating strife with his family saying she said things. He is vile.

  13. He scares me. He's a full blown narc and when he eventually gets really angry ( I mean more than his tantrum in the second episode) it's going to be really, really bad. That tantrum was just foreshadowing.

  14. I think Emily's overt abuse is less scary to me than Bilal who calculates every movement and twists peoples words.

  15. If you wanna take the cringe, browse his instagram. He knows people hate him but he makes fun of their posts. I’m surprised they’re still together.

  16. I fucking hate Bilal. He is such an asshole gaslighter and manipulator. He is so picky about everything, it would drive me insane. Emily is annoying AF and spoiled but not a total psycho.

  17. Emily can’t shut the fuck up with telling Kobe how to do every little thing. I would have told her to shut the fuck up too. Her mother is just as annoying as she is for taking her side. At least he was helping, and not laying around the house. Let him do it HIS way. Not EMILY’S way

  18. THANK YOU for mentioning Emily’s mom!! Why are her parents always standing 15 feet away staring at Kobe waiting for him to slip up? Trust goes both ways, and they and Emily need to let go of the reigns a little if they are ever going to accept or appreciate Kobe.

  19. If I heard one of my kids talk to their significant other the way Emily talks to him I would rip her a new asshole. Her mother is just as bad as she is

  20. Yes! Her saying he had to “pull his own weight” though is definitely learned from her parents. Is Kobe mildly sexist? Yes. “That must be an American thing for a woman to talk like that to a man” is not something you say to your future mother in law. Saying “I’m sorry you had to witness that” but then being a little snarky and low key saying something about her upbringing would’ve been better. They need to realize they contribute to Emily being spoiled and needing her own way. He didn’t even yell and she’s talking about “his temper”. She doesn’t see her own behaviour as bad.

  21. Omg his smug look… he really believes he deserves unyielding adoration from his partner for no reason. I literally can’t watch him.

  22. On one hand, we have the guy who literally tricked his fiance to think she's going to live in a dump, tried to kick her out of the car in the middle of a highway, then ditched her at his church while at the same time saying it was important to make a good impression on his community.....

  23. Bilal. Especially in today’s episode where he’s mansplaining how in Islam man AND woman have to go to Jummah even after Shaeeda explained a million times in HER culture it’s not a thing and told him she’s not comfortable going back after what happened but yet Bilal felt disrespected by her decisions. It’s like Bilal thinks he’s the wisest person in all of Islam and believes his way is the only RIGHT way.

  24. Shaheeda was actually explaining that in Islam, women don't have to go (although I'm sure it could be part of Trini Muslim culture for women not to go, it's something I notice in Pakistan as well) so him kinda making it seem like she's less religious for this made no sense. I'm surprised this dude is or was the imam of his community tbh, he's so flashy and arrogant and doesn't seem to display a lot of compassion or love towards his wife.

  25. When the mom said her husband would never tell her to stfu, I wondered, okay but have you ever wanted to tell Emily to stfu considering how bossy you said she is? I hope someone in that family has definitely told her to shut up before

  26. 100% Bilal is worse. I'm still holding out hope that Emily will see the light and just fucking relax.

  27. Yeah I agree, Emily seems to lack perspective/isn't seeing beyond herself right now. As the other comment said, I don't know if she will, but there is at least a chance.

  28. Even though I think Bilal is worse, I hate Emily more. Just the whole concept of not letting your husband contribute to parenting at all and being nasty to him 100% of the time but throwing in “babe” constantly… I hate her more.

  29. Bilal is a manipulative and gaslighter and complains when she has the right to choose when to go to church with him. She didn’t want to go because he made her first experience as isolating and uncomfortable as he ignores her and is mad at her for a little tap when he could have calmly explained why she shouldn’t do it instead of that shit show he created.

  30. Oh my God I literally came here to post this exact same thing. I hate them both so much I hate them I hate them I hate them. I can’t believe that I thought I hated some other cast members. They all seem like wonderful men and women now. I hate them I hate them I hate them

  31. Oh gawd, me too! I hate them so much, it's difficult to watch the show. I haven't seen the last four episodes and I watched little snippets on Youtube. I just can't with them!

  32. Something I would have sworn would never come out of my mouth...I would rather watch Big Pred and Angela than Bilal and Emily.

  33. I think Bilal is a worse person given that he's a mentally abusive psycho. However, I think Kobe's got it worse since he's essentially got the option of never seeing his son or living with an awful person who has an awful family.

  34. I am going to go with Bilal but it is a close call. Bilal makes a big deal out of nothing and takes the opportunity to shit on his girlfriend over the dumbest thing...silverware. I mean, you can just say it and not make it into this tragic things she isn't doing right. Bilal is a little B.

  35. Bilal. He’s an ingrained member of a business community and a faith community, and so he can damage a lot of people. Emily is so dumb, awful, and incompetent at life that people outside of her family probably just turn away from her. She’ll never be in a position in which she can wage psychological warfare against many people. Bilal is. Imagine him being your boss.

  36. Very hard to decide, I feel bad for both spouses, ima go with Bilal because I feel like his manipulative behavior and narcissism is dangerous. However Emily is just so fucking annoying you could literally just walk away from her vs Bilal can manipulate the situation

  37. Emily is a miserable condescending bitch. All she does is put Kobe down. Wanna make better use of your time Emily: Get a speech therapist.

  38. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m starting to see an ugly pattern here with TLC. First Jason on Unexpected and now these two. A pattern with truly abusive “characters” in their shows. Characters so bad, that they have us watching and yelling at the tv. Then posting about them online. Therefore, creating more interest and possibly viewers. Hmmmm…. It truly makes me and friends question why are we watching this toxic nonsense?

  39. I’m watching episode 6 now and I really don’t like him. He blew things completely out of proportion about the whole joke hitting thing.

  40. It was to control her; make her feel real small so she will bow to him. He followed that up by ignoring her as a punishment at masjid to seal control for that day. I bet he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it, but people who act like him can be dangerous. He is problematic.

  41. When her mother said to Kobe, "I have to go do something, I'll let you watch him for a bit." No...not watch him. He's not a sitter or a nanny, you can let him parent, he's a father! That one ticked me off!

  42. Omg they are both insufferable!!!! Bilal is waiting to sweep himself off his feet, the man clearly thinks he's perfect and nobody can live up to his standards. He should just marry himself and put nobody else through his manipulation. Emily I would say is worse, she is using their child as a bargaining chip against Kobe. She just keeps pushing and pushing him, it's not right. I grew up without a father and Kobe gave everything up just to be a dad and for some reason she won't let him.

  43. Emily. She has control of their situation. If Kobe wants to be in his child's life, he will have to buckle to her in order to stay in country. She would know this and won't budge on comprise.

  44. Yes. I wish Shaeeda would stand up for herself more. She can be a good wife without putting up with a bunch of bullshit. Bilal treats her like a petulant child, constantly telling her how to dance; faster, slower, don't turn like that, that's not good enough, bow to me..blah, blah, blah. She needs to slap him across the face to wake his ass up and realise that she has some control, too. She doesn't realise that SHE is a PRISE (that letter doesn't work so I have to use the s) to be won and EARNED! F him and his ridiculousness. He is not worth all that b.s.

  45. Emily is absolutely wretched woman. She treats this man like he is the dirt underneath her shoe but gets burt hurt when he finally stands up for him self. Her thumb head ass needs a reality check.

  46. I dated a guy who diagnosed himself with “depression.” He was really nasty to me and did all of the textbook narcissist things (I don’t use that label lightly.) He was prone to explosions and stonewalling and verbal abuse and liked to play mindgames with me. But he categorized all his relational and behavioral issues as symptoms of “depression”.

  47. Nah. After you've lived through a decade with an abusive narcissist, you would know that it causes long term emotional damage. Day to day is extremely nerve wracking and walking on egg shells. I would rather be around a self-absorbed idiot like Emily than an manipulative, psychologically damaging narcissist anyday.

  48. The family are all blinded by ‘Color’. He’s not respected in any aspect of their lives. Kobe just be careful around them, sometimes live and a relationship doesn’t go together .Think,think before you leap!

  49. Bilal. Bilal will always be worse. Emily has her issues. But she can grow if she tries. Bilal though…that’s just who he is. Edit: that does not mean that Emily should be with Kobe. She has YEARS of therapy ahead of her.

  50. Bilal is worse but holy shit Emily somehow gets even worse every single episode. Just when you think she can't start a fight about something she's right in there telling Kobe what an absolute piece of shit he is for doing something slightly different to how she does it. I cannot understand how someone can live like that and genuinely think they're in the right

  51. They’re both fat, ugly, nasty people with a superiority attitude. Bilal thinks he’s a millionaire with a fancy house who demands that Sheeda kiss his feet.

  52. Bilal is a selfish, fake-ass poser. Everything about him is very surface. He thinks his worth is tied to how he looks, what he wears, what he drives and where he lives. He is a pompous asshole. He is the black man that dies first in bloody movies due to his arrogance.

  53. They're both awful, but Emily takes the cake! Bilal has occasional moments of self-reflection re his bossy behavior, has a normal tongue, plus he is hard working and supports himself, a rarity on 90 Day Finance. Emily has ZERO insight into her atrocious bossiness AND she is lazy and will always rely on someone else to pay her bills and do her bidding. Watching her boss Kobe around with her tongue rolling out of her mouth is beyond gross. The level of her bossiness and utter dismissal of his concerns are so extreme as to be abusive. Emily has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

  54. Yessssss. The baby talk lisping needs to stop. How old is she? She didnt talk like that in the clips where they were overseas together. Whats up with that.. Maybe all that breast feeding is messing with her brain controls

  55. Bilal is worse. But y’all commenting that Emily means no harm and it’s just stupid is reckless. She is trying to control that man and demean him and people making excuses for her checks out because society loves protecting whites women and their mess

  56. Speaking of white women (lol) I think Bilal prefers a white woman as a mate but his black muslimhood and his family are super duper "black power" so he makes any black woman jump through impossible hoops. He is subliminally sabotaging every relationship because he really prefers a white woman. Usually black men think black women are too independent and mouthy and think white women are easier to boss.

  57. Bilal. At least she comes off as just being demanding, whereas he tries to come off as being correct/authority. Manipulative and controlling, not simply annoying.

  58. I haven’t even watched the episode yet and I can already say with confidence that Bilal is worse. Always, forever, hands down.

  59. Bilal reminds me of Julia Roberts' abusive husband in the movie "Sleeping with the Enemy". Emily, I think she's Leida's long lost twin.

  60. Bilal only because he straight up looks evil and like he could snap at any moment and murder someone. Emily is a b and annoying AF but she’s not evil.

  61. And we all know during the tell-all none of them will have to defend their actions. The spotlight will be on Patrick and Kara's infidelities from the past.

  62. Bilal has been plain awful. The BS he keeps feeding Shaeeda while lecturing her all the time. Yet she keeps putting up with it. Emily is controlling and it's seriously grating on Kobe fast. I guess all these couples were just banging non-stop every time they got together until they actually started talking in USA. WTF...

  63. She was concerned he would see her differently coz she put on some mommy weight. But it looks like he keeps getting shocked at her attitude than her looks... Girl did a 180.. I think she got too used to being a single mom with help from her folks, and she is soooo set in her ways now, she can't handle being a co parent.

  64. They are pretty much equal in my opinion. Both are just self serving, narcissistic assholes that think the entire world should bow down to them. What exactly has Emily contributed to society, let alone her own family? Did anyone catch what she said when they were in the barn with her mother shoveling manure? She said “I haven’t done this in years.” While standing there watching her mother struggle!! Instead of pitching in she just walked back inside after giving Koby his work orders!! Never in my life have I witnessed such a lazy, disrespectful and ungrateful person. Her parents SUPPORT HER and she doesn’t have to lift a finger to help them or earn her keep! Her parents need a lesson in “tough love” because she literally walks all over them and sits on her lazy ass while they do absolutely EVERYTHING! Where is the respect and gratitude for her parents for supporting her and allowing her not to work or lift a finger to help them financially or at least taking care of the housework and cooking? She makes me physically ill by her disgraceful entitlement! Where does she get off thinking the world owes her??? 🤬

  65. She’s holding his son over his head and she’s a complete bitch, does she forget she told him to shut up and shovel? I wish Kobe didn’t have a language barrier cause even when her mom was like my husband would never he should have been like well your daughter is a complete bitch and you’re all afraid of her

  66. Emily not only has a child, but uses her child to manipulate. Bilal is garbage, but he's only playing his dumb games with adults. Emily is categorically worse.

  67. What pisses me off is that Emilies family enables her attitude. The grandma the first family dinner said “ we just do what she says” and when mom was talking to Kobe in a barn after she should have said that her daughter needs to speak to Kobe better as well. Clearly mom and dad don’t see an issue with DEMANDA!!!! A.K.A. Emily.

  68. I dislike Emily and her nasty family. And my heart breaks for that sweet baby. If that child is raised by those folks in that town, where there aren't a lot of Black people, he's might grow up with identity problems. I'm going to get slammed for saying this but decades ago, someone like Emily would have either opted for abortion or adoption.

  69. How about when Emily's grandmother said last week that she tells them all what to do? I was thinking why would you say that? That makes them look like incessant fools letting her run the show. She contributes the least and is in charge? WTAF????

  70. BILAL he’s the worst of the worst. She’s just too attached to her baby because she’s a first time mom, hasn’t really spend that much time with Kobe - I would be so freaked out too. I’m sure the anxiety will resolve once he’s been there for awhile.

  71. Well I hope Kobe gets whatever it takes to become legal in the United States and then divorce her ASS. Judge will grant shared custody and this way Kobe will be involved in his son life.

  72. Im sure Kobe cheated on her when they were apart so come on.. not all her madness is unexplainable. Whereas that other one.. euh.

  73. Theyre neck in neck so I'm gonna go by their partners. Im thinking Emily only because Shaeedas been posting on her IG defending Bilal, so apparently she likes it or she's fine with who he is. Emily has no reason to pick on Kobe cause he's been nothing but patient and positive the entire time. Plus she's lazy and uses her baby as an excuse for everything.

  74. I don’t believe she posted that because she felt compelled to defend what she believes to be a truly great guy. I think Bilal got upset by all the hate he was receiving and lashed out at her for not defending him or something, and she was trying to show him she had his back to avoid further punishment.

  75. They’re a tie. Both are completely unaware of their impact on other people. I would say shaeeda is luckier because she is just dealing with Bilal. Kobe is a black man in South Dakota living with a white family that doesn’t trust him and to make it worse, his fiancé isn’t helping instill that trust.

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