Playing my new Guess Who? Game with my cat 🐈

  1. The questions would be so funny. “Are you a gold digger? Are you just doing this for a green card? Do you act like a creepy pedo?” Having to say yes to those questions would feel so icky.

  2. I’m going to play the game tonight for the first time with my husband who doesn’t watch the show but knows I loooove it- he gave me the pictures for Christmas! Should be interesting!

  3. My husband bought the cards from someone on Etsy. I’ve seen this done before and loved it but never told him about it, that beautiful man knows me so well lol

  4. Came here to say how much i loved this. It's like on the single life, they have them with their former partners and then it's just them... and they did Debbie and Coltee! I died laughing... so savage!

  5. The dilemma would truly be how do you chose which of these Intriguing characters to add to the set? I feel OP made solid choices, but gosh, if only there was another row for Steven and Alina, big Ed, Florian, and other such treasures from the franchise.

  6. My husband bought the cards from Etsy for my Christmas gift, I’m wondering if they have other characters available in their shop!

  7. Etsy! It was a Christmas gift from my husband, they sell the size for the newer game but we had an older version, so the seller happily resize them and sent us new cards!

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