Imagine getting rejected from Oxford with 4A*s and 10 9s at GCSE 🙁 I even had DOFE lol

  1. Yeah, judging from OP's post history they were applying for PPE E&M (edit, sorry OP!) so this was probably a case of scoring poorly in the TSA.

  2. I had similar grades to you and sat my Cambridge entrance exam and fluffed it. I’d done well on all the practices but on the day it ended up being much harder. Also everyone else I met who was also applying seemed like an absolute genius and I realised maybe the place wasn’t for me, and it’s about more than grades. In the end I went to St Andrews and met some amazing friends - I have always been glad I didn’t get in to Cambridge because I don’t think it was right for me and where I wanted to go in life.

  3. I had basically the same experience with my entrance exam. I've also applied for st Andrews but don't think I'll end up going. I'm sure it will all work out

  4. The number of students with similar grades are much higher than the places in Oxbridge. You need to do good in entrances test, personal statement, school recommendation letter and extracurricular.

  5. Yeah I know I was just kidding. Honestly I did have all those things. I was getting 85+ on the TSA practice papers, I wrote my personal statement with my economics teacher who has 2 children who went to Oxford for the same/similar courses and she helped them and said mine was good. I read my recommendation letter and it honestly made me cry how positive and nice it was and I had good extracurriculars, including work experience with a very senior member of parliament and various competitions, my own business, compete at a national level in sport etc. The only thing I can think it was was performing badly on the TSA on the day, I think I got stressed and was overthinking it so didn't perform as well as I could have

  6. Oxford E&M suffers from the US top 10 syndrome: the admissions rate is so low that getting in has pretty much become a lottery. It’s nothing to upset yourself about: with those stellar results I’m sure you’ll get an offer from somewhere really prestigious where you’ll most likely be much happier!

  7. It’s even harder than top 10 US unis. In the US, students can apply to an unlimited number of colleges so I assume a lot just apply to the Ivy Leagues, Stanford, MIT etc. for a shot in the dark (when really they have no chance)

  8. My son just got rejected with similar stats for Maths and Computing. He also didn’t do as well as thought he would on the MAT test. I’m just glad the decision has been made either way. Insha Allāh he will be where is best for him :)

  9. Just got rejected for E&M as well! Bestie just know that this course is the second most (if not the most) competitive courses at oxford, less than 90 people got in last year, it's normal and it's fine. I'm sure life has something more interesting prepared for us, and tbh this rejection made me more eager to apply again for my postgraduate study there!!

  10. Hey its ok, with university admissions you literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You’re gonna get accepted somewhere else, and go study there, and be happy, and live life. That’s what’s what. You know? Just think of it like this.

  11. There is a reason loads of courses at Oxford have AAA entry requirements. Interviews and entry tests are way more important than grades.

  12. Why should this be a reason not to go to Oxbridge? OP had to sit an admissions test, and only a certain % of those applying get called up for interview, and that is largely based on the exam performance. Sounds pretty fair lol

  13. I mean, my friends had better grades than I did and they got rejected from Oxbridge too… 🤷🏻‍♀️ Admissions test is the most important. Got told at my interview by our DOS that our day had the people with the highest ENGAA scores. I didn’t believe him. All the Engineers at my college who were direct applicants interviews on the same day… there were 11 interview days…

  14. What college is this for? You've got me stressing now lmao, my interview is on the 4th day out of 6. Was your day the last?

  15. I know, hence the lol. I was taking the piss out of the people on this subreddit who ask 'i didn't do gold DOFE can I go to uni?'

  16. I completely agree, I mentioned that I was naturally very good at the TSA (the admissions test) when practicing, I didn't read anything about how to answer the questions and yet was getting top 1 percentile marks- which is why I was so pissed with myself that I performed poorly on the day. I'm aware it's the reason I don't get an interview

  17. Is this a parody post? They don’t care about exam results, loads have straight A*s…and they definitely don’t about dofe ahahah

  18. The DOFE was a joke and no not a parody post. I'm aware loads of students apply with those grades, the admissions test must have gone badly- although I was doing very well on it in practice

  19. Oxford hasn't started interviewing yet. I think you mean 'personal statement', not 'cover letters' as cover letters are used for job applications, not uni applications lol.

  20. I would sympathies with you if I didnt leave education at 16 without a father or mother to provide shit loads of cash for my education/ future on porn sites with my big over indulgent ass. I made my way And shit you not ts not a path I would advocate for anyone. NHS Worker

  21. call them and fight for him. i know parents who have done that esp if there were any family circumstances or covid etc your kid worked really hard, ask to speak to seniors - you may sway them

  22. Yes but do you come from a rich family and have 'connections'? No, then dont apply because its a gentleman's club.

  23. comments like this only further discourage students from working class backgrounds from applying to oxbridge, making the "gentleman's club" problem worse

  24. Thing is it's not only grades that matter, for example if you go into engineering and you haven't taken further math, your odds of getting in drop.

  25. Is this St Edmund? I’ve got the same exact email. I thought my CV was good but yours is on another level, especially with all the extracurricular stuff. Good luck on your second choice man.

  26. Hey guys i got a first and a masters degree off the back of 1 A and a C at a level. Sooo if you arent focused on oxford you can bounce back from almost anything

  27. I know it’s a blow but don’t take it personally, your grades are amazing and no doubt you’ll easily get into somewhere else prestigious. Everything happens for a reason and you’ll more than likely look back and be glad things turned out as they did.

  28. It’s a lottery and it does not reflect badly on you. That place has many problems, and from personal experience, if you are committed to your studies, you will be far better off elsewhere and still have every chance to become anything you want. Strength!

  29. Fair enough but… did you solve global hunger+poverty and serve 12 months in Ukraine after work shadowing a soldier in WWI and WW2? Basic requirements if you ask me🤷🏾‍♂️

  30. Of course your grades are super impressive but more often than not, other really talented and capable people will have applied too, and for whatever reason, they’ll have been accepted even though you’re just as clever.

  31. That does help thanks, and I just read the article- very insightful thanks. Obviously I was anticipating no longer being the top in the class, I was honestly just excited to finally have friends who are as passionate about academics as I am and who want to learn

  32. Bro you could go anywhere you want, and if Oxford rejects you for all that you wouldn’t be happy there. There’s other Universities that are just as good.

  33. Yeah that's what I'm predicted A*s in, and for my course GCSE grades are weighted 'highly' above the personal statement and reference

  34. It’s not much help, but I’m at my third choice uni and I honestly cannot imagine being anywhere else. One lecturer specifically has been my absolute rock this last month.

  35. Don’t sweat it dude. I’m 28 now and years ago when I was at school I was in the verge of going to Cambridge, but I hated every second of the trial well and ended up going somewhere else and loving it! Oxbridge isn’t everything.

  36. There were four students accepted by Oxford in my school last year. Only two of them were going end up. One was going to US university with full ride scholarship. Myself was not sure if I really want to study law or not. I declined the offer too. I am now studying in US. I will decide my major in Sophomore and I tend to major CS or economic at this moment.

  37. Not sure how I’ve stumbled on to this subreddit - but trust me from an old hand. You will be a LOT happier not going to Oxbridge. I went to another Russell Uni and did maybe 2 essays a term. At Oxford you’re doing 2 a week. If your colleges grades aren’t good enough then they close the uni bar.

  38. Yeah, not to brag but it was really good and I was very proud of it, I wrote it with the help of someone who's children all went to Oxford and mine was as good if not better than theirs

  39. I got an offer to Oxford after I got 4A's in my foundation (A level equivalent for foreign students) however they asked me to write an admission test n I was like Fuck no. I don't do auditions.

  40. Unlucky, but it must have been the admissions test and/or interview. I have a friend in computer science who was in pretty much the same situation. Insanely gifted at his subject and top grades, even did well on the admissions test but for whatever reason didn’t get passed the final interview, despite being a top professional level programmer, better than anyone else who would have taken the interview. Don’t worry, it’s understandably disappointing for you but with grades like that you’ll do well no matter where you go

  41. I’m in the same boat- i have 4A*s and 10 9s at GCSE applying for Oxford, and I’m terrified that I will miss an interview because of my MAT

  42. I’m old but I didn’t even get an offer from Bristol when I was predicted 5As at a-level (there was no A* at that time). There was no interview or test, I still have no idea what that was about! Can’t count on anything.

  43. Not true, Oxford rank GCSEs as more important than personal statement and reference for my course, the same weighting as predicted grades as they are seen as evidence of ability rather than just predicted ability which could be inflated

  44. What A-levels did you choose and for what degree? Some subjects have higher pecieved difficulty (in turn value) so that could have effect it.

  45. Imagine having 6 A*s and 8 As in the 2000s and instead of doing what everyone expects and applyignng to a redbrick you do music at college and uni but then drop out because you realise you actually hate academia but then become a successful self taught software engineer anyway.

  46. me too! I got rejected from oxford (pre-interview) with a predicted 45 IB, applying to biochemistry, a course that does not require an entrance exam 😭. I'm still trying to work out what was lacking in my application, but I reckon being an international student didn't help my chances.

  47. I know that this really sucks right now but tbh this might not be such a bad outcome. I'm currently at Cam for an undergrad and I'm telling you it's not great. Everyone is stressed, everyone is depressed. Oxford and Cambridge are way more concerned with their research than teaching, and the students here do well in spite of the institutions not because of them. I personally think I would have been much happier going to Durham or St. Andrews.

  48. Just apply for religious studies and then transfer to PPE. Get elected as an MP and get a place in the House of Lords when nobody will elect you anymore.

  49. lol its arguably the "greatest" academic institution in the world - dont be surprised. Your good grades are just the starting point, most you are competing against already has that.

  50. Oh man. That's unlucky. I'm only in year 12. Have 9 grade 9s 1 grade 8 and 1 grade 7. And I am only doing 3 Alevels and don't have DOFE! So you did really well academically. It's a shame. Anyways good luck in the future, I hope my A levels go as well as yours ;)

  51. Idea: take a year out, go travelling and re-apply to another college or to Cambridge. I did that and successfully applied for a less competitive course.

  52. that sucks but 10 9s at GCSE don’t matter so much for unis. clearly they weren’t impressed by your interviews or application letters. i know oxford also has admission tests so you might have done badly in those. however this might just be a good example of ‘it’s not just about the grades’

  53. Sometimes things are just stupid like that. I applied for a graduate level job at a company straight out of uni (having done a masters degree) and was rejected because I didn't have enough UCAS points from my GCSE results

  54. Unlucky but in all honesty oxford and Cambridge are overrated in my opinion and these universities live in their own bubbles.

  55. Bro that's everyone applying to oxford. Uni education and social balance is important something you won't get at Oxford.

  56. Don’t worry. There life goes on after a let down. My daughter applied for Cambridge with very similar grades to you. She applied for computer science but was so down with the male orientated behaviour at the interview she chose Bristol. Roll on a few years and after being one of the few women to get a 1 st in Computer Science she has been snapped up Google and doing incredibly well. It’s their loss mate

  57. I screwed up my gcses and A-levels, due to reasons that you are too young to even hear the details of. Had super low self esteem. Married an abusive POS at 20, had a baby at 21, tried to kill myself. Now I have a BSc and an MSc; am a qualified equine coach, and behaviouralist; a field ecologist, and a He and Fe lecturer, and subject lead.

  58. Having a DofE doesnt really do anything. its not a particularly difficult thing to get and loads of people have one. i know of someone that was in your exact position and got rejected by both oxford and cambridge because they didnt do anything outside of school which sounds similar to your situation. i know multiple people that did get into oxford and cambridge. one guy doing med at oxford was part of the tech crew at our school and was the most senior position possible in our schools CCF and that was just his in school activities. another that did law at cambridge was part of the pupil senior leadership team, played rugby for school for 7 years including being part of the 6th form rugby team that won the county cup the year he went to uni. he was also in our ccf but wasnt a particularly high rank. my point is dofe and good grades isnt really that impressive. you have amazing grades, buteveryone applying to oxford has amazing grades, only having DofE to set you apart isnt really gonna cut it

  59. UnJadedJade (a study youtuber you've most likely heard of) got rejected from Oxford and she also had top grades. Instead she went to Minerva University and she has a lot of positive videos about her experience there in case you'd like to look into it.

  60. You've been spared the grueling work expectations of studying at Oxbridge and will still undoubtedly attend a top-class university - you will be fine.

  61. That has absolutely no stake on OP's chances. Oxbridge has been trying to up their intake of state educated applicants... The likely cause was the performance in the admissions test. They actually sometimes use contextual data, e.g. if someone overperformed relative to their socioeconomic background. I didn't attend Oxbridge but am very familiar with their admissions.

  62. No not working class but go to a state school in a rough area in the north of England which I think made my application more favourable but obviously not strong enough a

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