The virgin pessimist vs the virgin optimist

  1. The ironic thing is that by no longer focusing on "getting a gf" you suddenly become much more attractive to women.

  2. Exactly. This is why I'm an extremist hedonist. I hold no serious political beliefs as only idiots do that. Why should I care about Republican or Democrat, when in 100 years its the cyberunion Vs nano-federalists anyway. Why should I aspire to get a statue of me built when people in the future either just tear it down or the sun explodes and melts it anyway. I only strife to improve my personal situation and thus in turn improve the life of people around me automatically. Nothing we do matters. The universe will turn cold and be reborn endless times, all in the span of less than a second from your perspective once you're dead. Do whatever you want as long as it doesn't kill anybody (NAP!).

  3. to be fair who wants to live a life of solace alone for 80+ years? only a few can handle the mental toll that takes. most from what ive seen come out totally insane from the isolation and talking to people that arent there.

  4. Because it feels good moron. It’s not that fucking complicated. Sex drugs and money feel good as fuck. Renting a yacht in Miami for my 19th because I have the money for it felt good as fuck.

  5. Sometimes I wonder if me having schizoid disorder isn't such a bad thing. Part of me is glad I can't really emotionally bond to other people, seems like a miserable longing.

  6. I remember one night as a young man watching Pink Floyd's "The Wall". I had bought mushrooms in bulk earlier in the week, and I had been eating a lot of them for several days. At one point in the film, a character changes from pounding against "the wall" to curiously exploring how large the wall is. I interpret this to be a change from raging against the barrier (the "wall") we place between ourselves and others to acknowledging the universality of the barrier as part of the human condition. Some sections of walls are stronger than others, and some people are better at breaking through the wall than others, but very few people can appreciate the wall for what it is. Maybe you're one of them.

  7. As a normie, caring about people is both a blessing and a curse. There are shit moments, but without those it wouldn't be possible to have the good ones. We're just more likely to seek the good moments, but we all, at the end of the day, default to neutral.

  8. As a fellow schizoid sufferer, can confirm it can be nice to be incapable of being emotionally affected by anything. On the other hand, I do experience random and heavy murderous urges, especially when I see something cute like a puppy or a kitty or a baby, so that's always a bit awkward to live with.

  9. I have won...and you have lost. The question is, "Why?" Because the power of your will has no ambition to feed it. Nor the need...TO CRUSH YOUR ENEMIES!!!

  10. It's super easy to get a girlfriend and sex. There are just as many messed up women out there as men. Just lower your standards.

  11. My "friend circle" is more like people I regularly see in my schedule. The rest are mostly internet friends I shoot the shit with.

  12. I made a really bad plow king jacket and would smash all the ugly women at bus stops out of prison here in oklahoma.

  13. None of those are things you strictly need but it's something most want. Not all, but most (at least if you change girlfriend to significant other or partner)

  14. What do you consider a friend circle? (Can family be included, minimum amount that you need to see them, etc.)

  15. Life is pretty fuckin dope. Like yeah, it's not all roses and there are some surpremely shitty aspects. But the fact that I even exist at all is amazing to me

  16. So you have to trudge through life finding hedonistic pleasures to occupy your time. What's the point then? Why shouldn't I just end myself now and save myself a lot of time?

  17. I was there too, don't do it. It's better to just enjoy the beauty of life with your own eyes. Just try taking a walk in the forest one day, life is indeed beautiful

  18. Suicide Hotline Numbers If you or anyone you know are struggling, please, PLEASE reach out for help. You are worthy, you are loved and you will always be able to find assistance.

  19. If you’re incapable of having friends or a gf you should simply not trouble yourself with it, work with what you got and develop yourself in other ways. you’ll still probably be lonely but at least you will be more content with yourself and have something to strive for. Your lonely depressing well is depressing because you named it that yourself

  20. Ironically the less you care about (unless you purposefully want that) those things,the more likely it is for you to get them.

  21. As an genuine autist: I have a friend circle, always have. Ive also had 5 girlfriends, all before I turned 16 though (AoC in my country). I remember wanting a gf who was a Virgin back in the day so we could both experience our first time together but now that’s pretty much j possible now ): I’m 21 now, out of education & doing an government apprenticeship which pays extremely well but no women near my age in it so yeah probably gonna be a Virgin in my 30s

  22. Is really that hard for people having this things? I mean is just talking and listening to others. Doesn't mean you will always have someone there 24/7 but if you are really alone you can always call someone and invite them to do anything

  23. I've done all 3 and it's overrated to be honest. Just find something you like doing and be happy. Even better if that something can make you money

  24. The amount of mouth breathers weeping in the parents basements because no one will touch them when they haven't showered in years instead of doing, Literally anything else, is the reason I keep coming back to this god forsaken despot.

  25. Is it really that hard for people to get laid and have friends? I don’t look like Brad fucking Pitt but I’ve never had too much of a problem getting a gf and having a few friends. And I have a host of mental issues.

  26. The amount of copium in the comments. lmao "Why do you need friends and love to be happy?? Just like your life the way it is!"

  27. Socially Im shy and introverted as shit, my group of friends was created completely randomly in my freshman year of high school, they just adopted me and I just didnt have the social skills to say no so I stayed with them, fast forward we're in our 20's and still together

  28. By pushing them all away one by one because they all adopted terrible traits during adulthood? And then begging them for forgiveness after not being able to make new friends so only 1 of them gives you the time of day maybe once a month?

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