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  1. Yeah a century and a half ago women who became sex workers were seriously stigmatized by society. In Russia women like that would get a special document about it called a yellow ticket and literally everyone around these women acted less friendly with them.

  2. I mean its "accepted", yes, but it still very quickly closes doors on opportunities in all aspects for the girls who do it. These girls become entire hollow rapidly, and they become desensitized to positive emotional relationships of any level. Sex work is just a bad idea. It's a journey with only one path. Because to do it successfully, you actually HAVE to hollow yourself out and desensitize yourself of your own value, while playing the role of bossbitch. These girls can be fun before 24. After that, though, life starts coming at them real hard. Defending sex work as "real work" was one of the biggest mistakes of the progressive movement. Bad ideas SHOULD be stigmatized.

  3. Lonely neckbeard types who consume a lot of porn weirdly hate the women who create the content that actually allows them to see women naked for once. More at 11.

  4. We pretend to accept it, so some girls go around telling people about it. What they don't realize is how many people start hating them because of it.

  5. Check that average income again my dude and ask me what you're dignity is worth. Then invent a time machine and ask yourself 20 years in the future when your shitty decisions are still haunting you.

  6. What about you make 10k a month but you have to blow your ass out with a butternut squash and your family and friends find out?

  7. Onlyfans really doesn’t make much sense even from a paying for porn perspective. The streaming services like xnxx have lots of amateur femboys, gays, lesbians, fetish play and then thousands of full length porn videos from the major studios for around the same price as one onlyfans girl’s mostly cheap self taken pictures, maybe a half hour long video and short clips that are just a couple seconds longer than what they post to Reddit. Onlyfans is also new and not very secure, it’s full of phishing scams and links for trying to steal your banking info that the other more established porn places avoid because these drug addict pornstars aren’t the ones posting the links for you to click.

  8. That's the point. You can't really understand it coming from a logical standpoint because it's purpose is to exploit the mentally ill, not be patronized by healthy people. Onlyfans is society's way of cashing in on the epidemic that is mens' mental and social health. There's legions of socially isolated, mentally ill men out there who society has essentially left to go fuck themselves. Onlyfans seeks to maximize the amount of money that can be extracted by actively exploiting this issue rather than trying to fix it. It's just basic capitalism. Profiting off the sick by exploiting them is as American as it gets and this is nothing new.

  9. That's all true, except that OF being only about one girl is itself the draw of OF. People who want a relationship but don't have it can get more of the feeling they want by focusing on one girl instead of subbing to a site that automatically pushes them to look at many.

  10. My understanding is that people pay because they get to talk to the girls right? I know lots of them contract people to talk for them, but that's the idea at least, no?

  11. Onlyfans is not sustainable. Every time you hear about some success story from it, there's countless more about some idiot sacrificing their dignity and getting barely anything in return.

  12. Ask her if she needs a partner to shoot with. If your dick is normal sized it should be fine. OF dicks don't have nearly as inflated stats as standard porn ones.

  13. unironically, worst case she says no but that'll be at most as awkward as anon knowing she has OF and best case anon gets his dick wet and maybe even money for it

  14. Isn't it actually really sad and fucked up that the entire feminist movement got reduced to this? Feminism used to be about telling women they could follow their ambitions and dreams.

  15. Which feminists are telling women that the best thing they can do is be a sex worker? Seems like you spend too much time in 4chan echo chambers and haven’t actually interacted with these people.

  16. This is the libertarian movement getting reduced to something - not feminism, my dude. The market has spoken.

  17. It's run by the rich. Mostly men, yes, but it's still an important distinction, because many men actually suffer from this shit as well.

  18. Know that the price of your vagina is now $14.99/month, and romantic partners will put in an amount of effort commensurate with that price.

  19. I love the absolute simps trying to roleplay here like they understand at all how society works, trying to explain away why you're the problem for people doing things not deserving of respect.

  20. Avoid the whore. She will be injecting dope in her tits, shoulders, pussy vains, etc. in no time like the rest of the porn people

  21. I love young chicks who get OFs but, I’m not gonna be the sucker to marry one of these women. I don’t want that baggage. An actual porn ster would be fine, but not one these parasites exploiting lonely men.

  22. Worst part is I can’t even fault them for doing it, if I was a woman and I had the option I’d for sure do it, the money is worth it. I’m just sad I don’t have the option and the only way I can make money is by wageslaving

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  24. Women exist to breed, they're limited hunters (as in they can't keep up and get injured all the time, this has been proven beyond any doubt) and they don't really bond the way hunters need to bond with each other. That's all there is really, the baby makers and the hunters. So now we live in a world where almost all sex is recreational and no one's really satisfied because we're not doing the only things we're designed to do. Women whore around because their bodies are demanding babies and they're not having them. Men are listless because they can't even out earn women anymore (let alone do anything meaningful with their lives) because the workplace is absolutely dominated by moderate-high earning, low effort positions that require obedience above all else.

  25. Godamn some of you are fucking incel neckbeard losers. Get off the fucking computer once in a while and go touch grass

  26. Why are you defending prostitutes from people ironically talking shit. What's there to gain for you, sir white Knight sir?

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