/pol/ack drops a new copypasta

  1. That might be only you, I find this meme relatable and very ture opens osu! And dips its fat hand into a bag of doritos

  2. Lol no, it's just white people in general, stupid. Stop making the stereotype "Only _____ is this, this is what they are like", it's more harmful than you think.

  3. This is exactly what redditors and such think /pol/ is. In reality its just a forum for r\incels migrants and other such brainlets who desperately want to feel a part of something.

  4. The real truth of the matter is that any place on the internet without moderation and holds public forums will ultimately evolve into pol. No exceptions. None. It is only with the loss of freedoms, draconian moderation, and lefttard cucks that prevent this. Reddit was just like pol before radical leftism took over.

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