/pol/ish anon goes for emotional damage

  1. Face of the possible what? Why are they always so vague about how something like this benefits anything/anyone? Is it because it doesn't?

  2. White American women are often boxy, like dwarves. They also have no lips, and their eyes are far apart.

  3. Umm... I often cannot get a black woman's gender right, because they have a lot of manly features. And that is especially if they shave their hair.

  4. Well atleast they're not trying to brand themselves as women anymore because they're clearly trying to appear as revolting as possible

  5. I am glad I am old and my dick don't work. Now says you have to question every bonner you get and do the am I gay analysis.

  6. How would you ever know if someone is transgender without them telling you? You probably had many crushes on trans folx, just never noticed that they are trans because there is no difference.

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