Germanon doesn't like the movie Dunkirk

  1. The most important thing to remember about the time period is that America saw the British empire as the true enemy to be defeated, lacking the capacity or justification to invade the world wars represented a perfect scenario. Post ww2 America rebuilt Japan and Germany as micro and macro engineering powerhouses whilst demanding full repayment of lend-lease from the UK (this is important because it undermined Britain's position as an engineering juggernaut and explicitly rewarded the erstwhile enemies, both have larger economies than the UK's as a direct result). This was very much a serendipitous event for America and it's only in the last decade or so it's stopped yelling about how fucking great it is off the back of a purely self serving bit of policy.

  2. Meh. The US entering ensured that the peace talks would heavily favor the West. The Nazis failed to capitulate the USSR during their invasion and decided to just not retreat, leading to hundreds of thousands of their best soldiers dying or being captured and crippling Germany’s ability to fight.

  3. Russia lost 27 million people to the war, while USA lost only 282 thousand. In polls after the war, a resounding 57% of people said that Russia was critical to winning the war, and the USA only 20%. Over the course of the next 50 years and Hollywood and sensationalized movies, that number changed to 54% USA.

  4. Learn to history. Panzer divisions and the luftwaffe were held back in case peace talks with the British went through.

  5. For those wonderin where the RAF was during Dunkirk, they actually were fighting off bombers and fighters further inland, the Junkers that made it to the beach got through the fighting lines and there weren't any planes to spare to patrol the area

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  7. the us funded and supplied so much shit int hat war itd be a fair argument to say they won it if it weren’t for soviet man waves (which also heavily supplied by americans)

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