As poland is hit by missle debris, a polack and a russianon find themselves in a rare moment of solidarity

  1. If it was a cruise missile, then it probably came from Ukrainian forces. NATO declares war on Ukraine?!? Happening...

  2. Russians entered some strange suicide pact after invasion on Ukraine. They really want to fight NATO, even when their forces are beaten back by Ukrainian army, lol.

  3. Man even play their video games, NATO NATO NATO nazi nazi nazi, every single one the enemy is the literal boogeyman

  4. Tbh, they are already losing to NATO. Sure, Ukrainians do the fighting, but if it was just them they'd be broke and out of every at this point. USA, EU and GB have been pumping so much money and weapons into this war that it's basically a proxy at this point.

  5. Vatniks already believe that their brave soldiers are fighting NATO operatives in nazi-jewish Ukraine (and winning), so it's not that much of a leap for them to go all in on NATO territory.

  6. It's a Ukrainian missile for one. Two, Russia has literally decimated the ukranian army. Like 80-90% of ukraines fighting force are mercenaries and foreign volunteers. Get off Google, fuck duck duck go, and do some homework.

  7. Anyone actually ever been to Poland? It sounds like a fake place. Same with Ukraine and Russia. I mean we haven’t been there, what if it’s all just in the media? No war is actually happening, we’re just being lied to.

  8. Russians were targeting eastern Ukraine and their tech is horribly bad and outdated making them very very innacurate. There’s no conspiracy there just a lame army with lame equipment with two pour souls who lost their lives to the Russian incompetence.

  9. why are they like this? russian occupation might have been absolute trash but without Stalin they wouldve never gotten as much territory from Germany..

  10. NATO doesn't need to enter this war. They are already winning it indirectly. They send money, equipment and intelligence to Ukraine, they do the rest.

  11. yeah, we'll just wimp out and let Ukraine do the fighting for us. Maybe even give them some F-16s and Abrams for funsies

  12. Soon comes the draft. Then comes the combat. Then in the confusion, I escape to Germany where I live out my days as a humble shopkeep who seems to have been there the entire time, yet no one can remember me when recollecting on their youth.

  13. Murica gonna get play with some new toys they've been itching to use since the Mid East theater settled down.

  14. Yes. Let the future generations now that the west entered in to an unwinnable nuclear war to avenge the death of two farmers and protect the non-democratic state of Poland.

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  16. Im really not looking forward to the coming wasted life. Millions dead within 40 mins, thousands of years of culture and history erased by nuclear weapons.

  17. The plan is to embroil all of Eastern Europe in a proxy war against Russia so as to kill off the last remaining non cucked white people.

  18. Oh yeah, Ukrainains should just lay on the ground and give their country to Putin, that's how it works, right? You don't understand why this war has started. Putin wanted to starve Europe of gas to make them forfeit Ukraine so he has better access to the Black Sea and can become even stronger in trade. Do I have to explain what happens when a maniac soviet troglodyte gets to be too powerful? If you are an Eastern European, I certainly don't. If you aren't then you have no idea of Putin's sphere of influence and threat suffocating post-soviet countries. But surely this must be an evil leftist plan to conquer everything and make everyone interracial, right? Definitely not an ex-KGB agent turned politican turned dictator wanting more power, that's unrealistic!

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