Burger anon explains his country's interests

  1. A tale as old as time, I say we deal with it the way our ancestors did and just start beheading. All tales of tyranny end with the normal folk riseing up and going to physically stop the tyrants. Without society and its laws to hold back the masses those tyrants are just regular people with a huge target on their backs.

  2. This sub is goldmine for reading straight up russian propaganda. For fucking months I have read about us yuros freezing and not having gas. Look how that turned out.

  3. Just gonna comment this for other people to see. Ukraine had no interest in joining NATO prior to the invasion.Anyone saying otherwise is just repeating unfounded claims.

  4. Yep, if America wasn't going to be able to destroy/balkanize/rape Russia, the next best thing is destroying Germany.

  5. US flag EfuppggWb is a russian troll using a VPN. Nobody in the US thinks in those terms, that's pure Russian state propaganda:

  6. Read The Grand Chessboard by Zbigniew Brezinski. The goal should be to integrate a democratic Russia into Europe. It hasn't gone that way but to say it wasn't a goal is incorrect.

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