Burger anon discusses division of brazil in case of a civil war

  1. Actually we get alot of lumber imported from Brazil, so when we go to Home Depot we're forced to remember just how much of this hemisphere remains to be conquered

  2. It's funny how the northeast produces nothing, lives on leeching taxmoney from the south (there are cities that literally every citizen depends entirely on a special retirement that gives a minimum monthly wage for those who reach a certain age as well as welfare programs), it has the undisputed highest levels of violence and illiteracy in the country, and yet it is that region that gets to decide the president.

  3. The North is extremely rich in biodiversity with an immense potential for the big pharma industry and there are massive factories and industrial facilities in Manaus, the capital of the State of Amazonas, due to a decades-long policy of tax cuts to develop the North.

  4. It's easier to lead a war of attrition against the criminal world in SA, no prisoners, no deals and no stopping. Do this for a decades and you could change a thing or two.

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