Germanon feels motivated

  1. Because the harsh truth is that we're all soy. Reddit is all soy. 4chan is all soy. The reason we're so obsessed with these dumb hierarchies is because were all at the bottom, fighting amongst ourselves and playing pretend.

  2. I think there's a common thread between groups like neo Nazis, nation of Islam and others. There's something about structure and direction for young men who are generally aimless in their lives. We've had 10s of thousands of years structured military tribalism that there's probably something genetic that draws men to it. I bet it's the same way with gangs.

  3. All humans desire affection and acceptance. Aimless young men receive very little of that so when they do get positive reinforcement (good or not) they are encouraged to keep doing activities that lead to assurance of that positive feedback. Humans crave the sensation of being told they are right by others.

  4. The only fucking purpose in life: the replication of your genes. JFG Tonight is right. There's only 2 ways that you transcend the future. 1. Your genes survive 2. Your ideas and your memes survive, but the problem is their existence is totally cuckold to the existence of the genes of others. Fuck every other definition of purpose. Its all secondary.

  5. Older propaganda was better at motivating men, since they were the target audience. Modern propaganda is made to target people of soy and women.

  6. I guess being badass means lying on dirt with 10 shrapnel up in your ass from the explosion caused by the cheap Turkish drone while the rest of badass Russian military couldn't figure out how to shoot them.

  7. Anon needs to watch Jordan Peterson, get motivated by his books, hit the gym and clean his room. JP vaxxes normies against the hitler

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