Birthday Betrayal

  1. I disagree. Anon's friend is just protecting anon's innocence and virginity. His work is commendable and he should be held in high honor.

  2. That no friends, that a guy unsure of himself keeping acquaintance he know are lower value than him so he can feel good and jump on occasion like that.

  3. Putting a pity post on the internet instead of talking to their “friend” about their conflict like a normal person…

  4. if your friends are doing shit like that they're not your friends. you don't have to do some dramatic breakup shit though, just brown out on going out to bars with them.

  5. Geez. Really don't know what I would've done. Probably something really bloody violent though. What a c*nt.

  6. Why not ask yourself for her facebook or insta? Even if not sirectly just try to incorporate to the conversation, say something like "I was last week at xy and Intoom this pics, I post a lot on my insta, do u have one btw"

  7. I had my 30th at a bar. I thought it was just going to be a couple friends and it turned into 40+ people surprise party with the whole bar decorated with birthday shit. Wasn’t a bad experience

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