Anon knows the real reason for student protest

  1. Literally the scene from South Park where Mr. Garrison says “if you want to protest the war in the Middle East go outside and play, and if you don’t then we’ll stay inside and do math problems”

  2. Zoomer’s are more left in social views than millennials. There’s been numerous amounts of polls that confirm this. I think there was like a single poll from like 5 years that said the opposite and people on the right have been grasping to that since then thinking the zoomers haven’t continued the same cycle every generation since Reagan has taken.

  3. I walked out in middle school over school shootings. I literally didn't know what I was walking out for when I did it

  4. I skipped pretty frequently in high school. It was weird and ironic when me and the other habitual skippers were the only kids in class on senior skip day.

  5. I did this during the Scott Walker protests in Wisconsin. Walked out into the parking lot with everyone chanting "save our schools," proceeded to immediately go home with friends and play vidya.

  6. Literally, students will find any excuse to "stand up to the man" because it gives them a chance to bullshit with their friends and feel righteous about it.

  7. The real cope is thinking that a significant portion of zoomers are anywhere near right-leaning. The majority of them are train-rights advocating, Greg Flode supporting, left wing touting screechers that simultaneously don’t understand the ideology they preach, but would die for it if it scored them brownie points with their equally loud and obnoxious buddies.

  8. But if you notice it only says NoVA, which is just a suburb of DC so of course those kids are going to be whinier, because it’s what they learned from their parents. As soon as you leave the cities here it’s red af.

  9. Yeah once you leave the cities you enter retarded inbred redneck territory where the highest education level is a GED, of course its red af

  10. Which rights? Or are they talking about their privileges to use any bathroom, be on any sports team, and wear giant knockers in front of their students?

  11. The major one is that schools would have to require a parent or legal guardian's written consent to refer to a student by their trans identity. Interestingly, this should violate Section 12 of the Virginia Bill of Rights, since it would be the state government restricting teacher's freedom of speech. If a teacher did affirm that student's trans identity, they'd be required by law to oppose it verbally.

  12. The funniest part about it is fortune 500 companies will react to this with multi-million dollar ad campaigns and 'corporate mission statements' while it was two kids pissed about the situation and 200 jumping on the bandwaggon to get out of class.

  13. Even in the scenario that those protesters were there cause they legitimately cared, why the hell would we be listening to a bunch of 16 year olds regarding politics?

  14. I don’t know who came up with the “Gen Z is gonna be conservative” cope. Probably some delusional Paul Joseph Watson watcher ca.2017. Gen Z is turning out worse than I could ever imagine (even the men).

  15. It's the basic fallacy that "eventually, people will have enough and put a stop to this nonsense!"

  16. True, after the Broward County school shooting there was a walkout announced by my school and like 80% of the kids walked out, including most of the Rs.

  17. A couple years back I was in English 102 and the teacher assigned us a crazy hard assignment but said if we went to the protest we'd get a 100% on it

  18. Things that don’t exist; unicorns, dragons and authentic grassroots, students protests in current year, that don’t have obvious powerful backer.

  19. I remember in high school some kids were protesting since teachers were underpaid and overworked. In reality it was just like a hundred kids doing laps around the school and knocking over trash cans because it was funny. The resource officer also profited since he got a bonus for every kid he brought to the office, so he'd just sling one over his shoulder, run to the front, drop them off, and repeat.

  20. I had a friend who was self-proclaimed “liberal” but in reality when there were all the feminism or trans perversion walk outs he would use them solely as an to skip class and get McDonald’s

  21. Back when I was in high school, some kids at my district organized a walk out and put up some posters at my school. The admin decided to roll with it so we all were told by our teachers to "walk out" during our break time. 30 minutes later were back in class.

  22. This has been happening more and more. Because they found a loophole on how to get out of class without suffering any consequences from the school. Just say you’re doing it for [insert current “oppressed” group here] rights.

  23. I remember in like 07ish all the Latino kids ditched school to go protest for like 2 weeks and got a pass I literally told my teacher to go fuck themselves and left when I pointed out how backwards it was that they got a pass for it.

  24. Kids these days are so lazy and impatient. Back in my day we waited for the teacher who had too much Botox injections and was having periodic random strokes to have one, and then we'd sneak out and go to 7-11.

  25. Teachers probably forced the kids out, public schools are like that. After going through public school and being a public school teacher myself, I unironically believe that if you have the means it’s better to get a GED and go to community college rather than finish high school. Fuck American public schools (and most private schools are no better).

  26. Nearly every kid in my school went to an anti war protest not long after September 11. Apart from maybe 5 blue hairs (who weren't blue hair yet) just wanted a day off in the city. We stayed with the protest for what felt like 20 seconds before we went off to get McDonald's and play CS all afternoon in a internet cafe. That was our way of saying we wanted retaliation

  27. It's true. When they pulled this nonsense in my school, it was either mandatory or the real act of protest would be staying there.

  28. They should set aside a "protest zone" on school grounds so that the kids can get in their virtue signalling during lunch. That would give the whiners an accurate census on the amount of people that actually give a shit instead of kids that just want to leave school early.

  29. 100%! Don't remember any protests in HS but that's the only thing that would have gotten me to march for troons. I remember hoping for bomb threats to get out of class, not real attacks, just threats.

  30. Can confirm, my highschool did this with something about school shootings back in the day and I promptly drove home instead of protesting.

  31. Did this literally any time something like this came up at my school, got up, walked out with everyone, kept walking, got into my car, drove home

  32. I remember back in highschool we did a “walkout” for gun violence and everyone who left just did it to get out of class

  33. I remember in high school my school walked out to protest getting an English test in Spanish for our non-English speakers, I thought it was stupid and funny at the time and did it just to leave and go skate with my friends.

  34. I "protested" prop 8 back in the day by ditching school and smoking weed. I ditched school to smoke weed alot, but I didn't get in trouble that time.

  35. I participated in 3 walk out protests in high school, I don't remember what a single one was about, I did them so I wasn't in class and could hang out with my friends.

  36. “Zoomers “?A hi-school freshman now is probably a child of millennials!Being angrily right wing,and ridiculously out of date go hand in hand!

  37. What many outside of Northern Virginia, where most of the protests are happening, are lacking is context.

  38. Where I lived in the last few years there have been loads of climate change protests and communal events, loads of kids (13-20s) turn up and even run them, they seem very passionate and educated on things.

  39. When did this whole high school student protest stuff start? There would have been a 0% chance of them letting us do this at my HS.

  40. Tucker's own lawyers (successfully) argued in court that you can't expect to believe the words that come out of Carlson's mouth. It has been established in a court of law that he's a consistently lying piece of shit that any "reasonable viewer" should not take seriously.

  41. Literally anything to leave class is a reason. Ask 100 of them what the reason is why they leave 9 out of 10 can't even give a coherent answer beyond 'trans rights or something'. Same happened here with tje Youth for Climate bs in Europe.

  42. i remember when teachers strikes would happen and we got letters about it. all i thought about was not having to go to school for whatever days they were off, and being able to fuck around on the xbox or computer for a whole day that wasn't a weekend

  43. Zoomers are. The kids in school are Gen Alpha now. That's a different generation. Imagine being so dense. You gonna blame millennials for this shit too?

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