Post Game Thread: Miami Dolphins at San Francisco 49ers

  1. We've been fighting injuries all year, lead the division and have an 8-4 record, and the number one defense in the NFL.

  2. You have to give credit to Shanny for this one. Defense was awesome, but he managed two awesome td drives with Brock Purdy as his qb. Not sure how many other coaches could do that.

  3. I was impressed with the play calls, especially how much they let Purdy throw. It would have been understandable to lean on the run game in this situation, and that would have been a loss.

  4. Today we answered the question of what happens if you take the best defense in the NFL and add Arik Armstead back into the mix. My goodness

  5. With this defense and our run game, IF we can avoid major injuries and IF Purdy can avoid turnovers, we’re going to be deadly come playoffs.

  6. He was so missed. Played an absolute monster game. Ward's INT was all because of the pressure #91 got. I still miss Buckner, but I'll never respect anyone questioning keeping Armstead around, dude is a baller.

  7. A lot of highlight plays today, but one small play that won't be talked about is Greenlaw tackling Hill on the sideline and lifting him up out of bounds. Early in the season that's probably a suplex with a 15 yard penalty. Today he just let him go instead.

  8. That PBU on Gesicki's 4th down grab was legit. If he plays that any less physical Gesicki gets the first down and we all have a collective heart attack.

  9. I have no issue with Jeff. Mostert’s comments on the other hand crossed the line. His Niners credentials have been revoked.

  10. GG 49ersBros you guys earned that win. Tua was rattled just thinking about the defense. Purdy is clutch af. Hopefully see ya in the SB.

  11. Alright meme masters: at end of game FOX plays Dolphin score graphics when Greenlaw scores and Mike McD. looking shell shocked. Go.

  12. I’m excited by what I saw from Purdy but afraid to get too excited. I still remember the excitement over Mullins a few years ago.

  13. Ball game to the defense....... once again. Outside of the two coverage busts, played absolutely fantastic against the top offense basically in the league. Made Tua look mortal for the first time this season.

  14. Go watch the film. Their o line held the absolute FUCK out of our d line and they still got steam rolled by them. ELITE

  15. Brock is for real!! I saw him do some thing’s that even Jimmy hasn’t done such as getting rid of the ball, evading pressure and making throws on the run. I think he’s a better fit for this system than Trey is right now.

  16. Our offense is run the ball or throw a quick pass to one of many YAC monsters, which has been scouted already. It seems like the perfect situation for a rookie QB. Plus, he's supported by a Super Bowl caliber D.

  17. So bad. With the penalties. Always looking outmatched and knocked on his ass. We need to draft a RT or sign a veteran in the off-season

  18. Waiting for this Jimmy news. Definitely looked like a break on the replay. Purdy was a fun novelty play, but it will be a different story when teams can game plan for him during the week.

  19. Whatever you wanna think about how Purdy will turn out, he looked completely comfortable and confident in himself, which is phenomenal and not something you can just teach. Next week will be interesting for sure.

  20. Let's give it up for Brock Purdy. What's the realistic expectation for a backup? Don't screw up and try to get 10 to 13 points? To get 23 for your team is great. He had some misses but he also slung it into tight windows with confidence and accuracy.

  21. Well guys I loved having another heart attack with you now I must venture into Target for my wife and daughter need a few things. Enjoy your Sunday friends.

  22. How many QBs have to die to season ending injuries before we add oline help or run a different system? Even the fuckin chiefs sold out to get oline help for mahomes.

  23. MR RELEVANT. Overall mixed feelings tbh. We're lucky that Tua sucked. Honestly this game could've been an even bigger blowout if it weren't for those crucial third down drops by deebo and cmc in the 3rd, those potentially left 8 points on the field. MVPs of this game are Greenlaw and Bosa. BRING ON THE GOAT

  24. Mr. Relevant is going to become Mr. Irrelevant again if McGlinchy continues to get beat every single game.

  25. Not bashing Jimmy here, but dude has got to learn how to give up on a play. His injury history could look so different if he knew when to just swallow the ball. I have always respected his effort, but the best QBs in this league understand their health is more important than any play they can make.

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