Game Thread: Miami Dolphins at San Francisco 49ers

  1. Look, I always thought Bosa was good, among the best, but this is ridiculous. 97 is a fucking dynasty maker on his own but he's on a D with so much fucking talent. Actually legendary. 5-0 in our last 5 boys ❤💛

  2. Our Defense is our rock and the came through again today! Purdy did enough and I can’t wait to see him w/a week to prepare! LFG!!! This was a statement win!

  3. Quite a few throws where he missed open receivers and just puttin it in places where they weren't on the same page. If he can lock that up this week in practice then we got something interesting going.


  5. This game could have fallen apart pretty quickly after that 75 yard TD and Jimmy injury. Purdy looked more than serviceable today and dare I say good? Guy can sling it and defense stepped up huge when needed. Big win against a quality team today.

  6. I wouldn’t say he was good, he flew into sacks, he missed some open peeps, missed reads. He was absolutely serviceable, better than I expected, but far from good

  7. Saw the game super fucking late, caught the end of first quarter and noticed Jimmy G gone, my heart sank. Our defense played like warriors, and everyone in our offense played in spite of it

  8. Brock Purdy with some starting reps in practice and plays designed to go downfield? We may have something here.

  9. Not a fan but came here to say that I fucking hate the phins. I was on a work trip to Fort Lauderdale and people there just COULD NOT STOP GLOATING about the dolphins and tua. Guy severely under-throws a lot of his throws but is saved by his two WR all the time. A strong defense really exposed his ass. Thank you!

  10. Let’s all give a hand to Purdy y’all 👏🏼👏🏼 the reat of the team did what they do but Pursy stepped up and deserves a fuckin pint to his name 🍻

  11. I wouldn’t be too surprised if Lance doesn’t get a lot more yards with the Niners. They completely botched that trade/pick and know he just doesn’t have it to be a consistent thrower.

  12. Lance played in a Monsoon and got hurt early in Game 2. He never really got to have many passing plays called for him.

  13. Niner nation. We’re good with Brock Purdy! Lot more confidence with this game. He came up good. Let’s get him some QB1 practice and let’s see what magic he has for us!

  14. i’m seriousness though let’s pray jimmy’s ok cause as solid as purdy looked today we’re gonna need jimmy for the playoff run

  15. I'm not going to lie I'm disappointed the streak was killed but overall 3 interceptions & a fumble recovered for 6. Bosa 3 sacks. They are unbelievable.

  16. Purdy isn't available for that beer unfortunately, but I'm sure somebody will happily accept the beer on behalf of him

  17. Dolphins were playing like a 14 year old kid playing Madden lol. Drop back and deep pass all day. GTFO with that trash.

  18. Let’s al be fair, it was made public that mostert’s comment wasn’t in regards to jimmy g or the 49ers. This specific comment was just in general and talking about tua

  19. I thought the Mostert thing was taken out of context, like he wasn't actually shitting on the Niners. Either way go Niners another W

  20. Bills is my fav team after Niners. If we don’t win it hope your team wins the big one. And You’re welcome!

  21. Loved Bosa and Warner doing a lot of the heavy lifting, but Purdy has my respect for making some damn fine throws.

  22. Dolphins only TDs came off of 2 massive bombs, the first of which was super fluky. An excellent defensive performance, especially with the offense crippled.

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