Developer of OctoEverywhere for OctoPrint here. I'm doing a completely free Prusa i3 MK3S+ giveaway to celebrate the launch of Gadget, our FREE and UNLIMITED AI failure detection! Just leave a comment to enter! 🎉🐙

  1. By far Gadget. I started working on it about six months ago but underestimated how hard it would be. It took so much work to get the ML system working, the plugin setup, and all of the UI on the website. It was a lot of work, but I enjoyed it all.

  2. Amazing! I'm glad you like it! Please send any feedback you have, I love to hear from the community! The good, bad, and the ugly!

  3. I just got into 3d printing a month ago. It's been a fun and challenging journey so far but I'm still nervous to try any prints longer than a few hours, especially if I'm not nearby, so this project sounds like a great update for me to check out!

  4. I need to write up a blog post on it; I would love to share it. Right now, it's running on CPU compute because the inference per dollar cost is better. The model is completely custom-trained, by hand, by me!

  5. How did you get your start on octoprint, and continue development? I'm a software developer but I find it extremely hard to come home and work on something, even if I'm passionate about it. Most of my projects end up half way finished or quick prototypes that I give up

  6. That’s a great question, I’m in the same boat. I have started and stopped so many projects projects, I’m not sure what the magic is. I think for OE it was the community engagement, seeing it really motivated me to keep going.

  7. Hello from Brazil! It is funny that I have been using Raspberry Pi with my students since 2018 but haven’t tried OctoPrint and OctoEverywhere yet. It is on my todo list.

  8. Haha, I’m just chilling on my bed waiting for my kids to go to bed. It feels good to see the community enjoying it, but I’m just a guy. 😀

  9. I just got into 3d printing in the past 3 months and I will say this…..I don’t ever want to buy an off the shelf 3d printer ever again….I have yet to do much of anything except troubleshoot and more troubleshooting, my Anycubic Vyper went out on me in 2 weeks and had to get a new board and replace it and that never fixed and then had to get a whole new wiring setup and new hot-end assembly and replaced all of that and after going through all that and finally getting it to work I still haven’t got it to print right. I should have just saved up to get a Prusa instead and would love to have one but I’ve already spent my budget and I’m almost about to give up now because of these cheap printer I bought and can’t get it to work for me.

  10. Thank you for such great software! The ability to be able to send prints to my Aquila from the computer instead of messing with SD cards is so handy

  11. Right now, it's not model specific; it's just looking for general issues. That works well for most issues, but there are some issues it can't catch because it would need to understand the model geometry to realize it's a failure. Doing a model-aware AI would be hard, especially to do generally. But maybe I will look into it!

  12. It's dynamic based on the server load. When all of the plugins make calls to do a predict, the server returns to the next interval they can check at. The server determines the interval to let it run as busy as possible without getting overloaded. There are a few servers around the world that provide compute for Gadget. Those servers also load balance among each other to ensure they all stay busy in terms of compute.

  13. Hardware for running octoprint has been hard to come by, but maybe I will finally buy myself a raspberry with my christmas money. I'll make sure to use OctoEverywhere once everything is set up, Gadget sounds very useful

  14. Yes! There's a lot of alternatives to the pi that you can check out. There are other boards that are similar but still are only $30-40, or you could even use an old Android phone with octo4a!

  15. What was your first in person exposure to 3d printing? 10 years ago I worked with a professor that had a nice one in his lab as well as several reprap machines that he let me play with.

  16. It was my wife! I have always loved tinkering around with hardware and things at my house. Out of the blue, she bought me an Ender 3 Pro for fathers day, which sparked all of this!

  17. Wow that's nice of you to do a giveaway to celebrate! I currently use a flash forge but Ive heard good things about prusa. Ultimately I decided on the flash forge adventurer 3 because it has a built in enclosure, wouldn't mind winning a prusa to test out though! Lol

  18. If you give it a try we would love to hear what you think! And if you have any other thoughts about the service, we would love to hear the feedback!

  19. I have been wanting to install Octoprint for the better part of a year now. I just can’t get my hands on a raspberry pi, I can tell it’s a very powerful software and the dev team did a fantastic job, from what I’ve seen!

  20. Obico is great as well, and offers many great things. One advantage of Gadget is that it’s unlimited and free, where as Obico has monthly viewing limits.

  21. Tell him to setup OctoEverywhere and then you can access his printer over the internet and setup your own prints!

  22. Welcome to the community! That’s how it works, but when you get stuck you always have the community behind you!

  23. Octo everywhere is an amazing tool and invaluable while I'm in university and I'm sure it will continue to be invaluable in the future.

  24. I'm impressed that you could work out a system to provide AI detection that's free for the end user; that seems a tough nut to crack, resource-wise.

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  26. As a maker of sorts (tinker with Arduino and circuits among other things) I've been kicking around the idea of getting a 3d printer for a lil bit as it seems to be a natural progression in my maker hobbies. all started with the microcenter deal on a ender 3 for cheap. My spidey senses tingled wondering what would need to be modified on it to get it to print nicely. well.. here we are about 3 months later and I've been heavily considering building a Voron via a kit. Talk about slippery slope!

  27. Been using octoprint on my prusa i3 MK2 for like 5 years now. My printer has run during that entire time almost weekly if not daily , with only one failure.. the wires coming off the printhead cracked where they flex. It was an easy fix for me, and it's still going strong today. However, it makes a ton of racket .. I'm pretty sure the X or Y bearings are almost shot. I could really use a new printer. Not to mention the removable bed and filament sensor!!!! Been jealous of those added features for a while now

  28. I haven’t heard of octoeverywhere before this post. I haven’t implemented OctoPrint on any of my printers because I have too many unfinished projects already and the need for remote access has dropped off significantly since I now sit next yo my printer all day lol.

  29. Thanks so much for your service! OctoEverywhere was really easy to setup and has made it easy for me to remote monitor my prints.

  30. Camera rotation should work, it should follow how its setup in OctoPrint. Is it not for you? If not, please open a support ticket here

  31. Would love to get a Prusa printer, I have an Ender 3 Pro currently. I'm the only one in my group of friends that doesn't have a Prusa. I love my Ender 3 and I'm currently printing all the pieces to build the Rocinante from The Expanse, about halfway through it. You're awesome for doing this giveaway!! Also, you've reminded me to go set up OctoPrint.

  32. I’ve been using OctoPrint (with OctoPod app) for a week and it’s been great for managing GCODE files—no more SD cards—and for monitoring print progress, and I know it can do so much more with many available plugins. Just started using OctoEverywhere for remote monitoring. So far, so good!

  33. I assume with this giveaway you are getting enough donations and such to make your continued efforts with this fantastic software worth your time. It really is a fantastic piece of work and the price is just unmatchable I would really hope you are well compensated.

  34. Thank you, that’s really kind! Yeah I work hard to balance the incoming support I get VS the server costs. As I get more support I make more of the website free, which then costs me more to operate. But thus far, the balance has been done well!

  35. 1 in tens of thousands chance. I don't have a 3d printer but have always wanted to learn on one. I promise if I get chosen I will learn and engage with this community. Also sing praises of Octoprint.

  36. 3+ mil prints per day must be yielding a ton of data for that AI to process and improve things. At what point do you reach diminishing returns or just too much data to process? That's a lot of cpu/gpu time I bet.

  37. Literally in the process of selling my Ender 3 since I got it into a bit of a state and lack the time to fix it! A Prusa would be a great replacement!

  38. Might be time to switch back to octoprint. Went to mainsail for klipper, but I am missing some of the features of octoprint, this is a huge addition! Thank you for your work!

  39. Oh cool! I’ve been wanting a software like this for a while. Super awesome to see! I’ll check it out for sure. And also use this comment to enter into the giveaway!

  40. Thank you for all your awesome work! I use OctoEverywhere all the time and it’s amazing! For anyone who hasn’t tried it…it’s totally worth it!

  41. After mixed success with my Ender 3 I've taken a step back from printing as much. After looking at this I'm feeling that hook starting to tug again

  42. This seems really cool. I've been using Octoprint for two years now, but hadn't ever heard of OctoEverywhere. Guess I need to check it out now

  43. been using octo everywhere for a while now, its been great that I can leave my printer on while at school. Will definitely donate when I can

  44. This is awesome. I wish your team great success as that means we all benefit from this. Your tool had been really fun to use🙂

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