1.6 Meter Hellboy Bust!

  1. Haha yeah, I had to transport it and decided to grab a couple of quick photos. Yeah it's the CG trader one, I was amazed that the details held up so well when I enlarged the model. Considering the original file is for a bust that is maybe 100mm tall.

  2. Question that's a little out in the left field since it has less to do with your 3d print and more of the company. Btw great looking print, but I was wondering how feasible is it to 3d print your own drone...Expensive/cheaper? Where to source all the parts and hardware you'd need, etc.?

  3. Hey, yeah 3D printing the frame can be done for the smaller sized drones that are around the size of your hand. We call those tiny whoops. Larger the frame size and if printed it can cause vibrations into the Flight controller and they hate that. We tend to only 3D print out attachments in TPU like gopro mounts, GPS mounts and guards. Majority of the frames we make and sell are all Carbon fiber. For example our flag ship frame the BFW is made from CF and aluminium arms. But all the guards and pod are TPU.

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