Thoughts? I bought it as a drift car so #fuckabumper

  1. Yea and no. I only use it to drift whenever I’m bored or some of my friends are in town but other than that it sits in my front yard or my brother takes it to school

  2. Dont lol. I wouldnt drift my vert ever. No roll cage, much heavier being a vert with the soft Top and counter weights. Be safe bro! Oh Get a bumper 😂

  3. Reading your comments you seem like a 16 year old that's going to end up in a ditch somewhere. Get a roll cage for that soft top, get a bumper, and if you're going to drift take to it a course or track. "Street drifting" as you keep saying is how you hurt yourself or others.

  4. Lol why would I need a bumper on a drift car. And I don’t do it around people I do it in empty round abouts or empty intersections.

  5. I have a similar black coupe w a busted bumper I rebuilt for the same reason. They have a bash bar front bumper with a front jack point for lowered cars. Only runs around $200.

  6. It looks like you bought a drift car. Typically drift damage to body. I wish more people saw these drift cars before they decide to do that with their z’s.

  7. Zs were meant to be drift cars but some people like to have them for car shows idky especially since a Z isn’t that rare

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