$700 2003 350z with blown engine and interior needs work, what engine you recommend that isn't LS.

  1. I have seen video of peeps doing that, sadly they're quite rare to find here and they are around $5500 to $7000 just for engine+turbos and wire harness

  2. You can get an engine for it on eBay for 1700$-1800$. Then get some one to put it in. Wouldn’t have to get a wire harness then. I’m guessing here.

  3. Inlines is gonna be tough to fit without much fabrication but I actually thought about it, good pick

  4. Is that what you do for work? I figured you just somehow ended up with one and decided to do something wild and awesome and unique.

  5. It is an option but I wanna do something fun and new, might take long time but if i can't decide I will go with DE engine

  6. Swapping an HR into a DE car isn't easy or cheap. You'll need almost the entire front clip to have all the parts needed. More then that, you'll need an electrical expert to matchup all the pinouts from the HR harness to the DE Z. You'll always have some CELs showing on the dash no matter what happens.

  7. I want to clarify, I can just get DE from junkyard for $250-300 But I want something that has power and isn't a VQ The transmission is automatic so, need to do manual swap and check which fit the best

  8. Go to the junkyard and find a base Lancer. Yoink the 4G64, build it and slap an Evo head on it. Stroke/turbo it to fit your goals. That would be incredibly fun and make stupid power depending on the turbo.

  9. 4G64 is so hard to find locally, none of the cars with that engine was sold here...not even the dodge neon

  10. There is so many 350z's in the wrecking yards - if you are adamant against a LS - you would likely be cheapest and easiest to just buy a motor of a wrecker.

  11. I am looking at engine of imported or wrecked vehicles here Choices are kinda limited for me, I have balance to start with and progress with time, so having $6000 wanting to buy engine that is widely available and has potential

  12. If you could find a Nismo Type RS380 engine, that would be the most awesome Engine set-up/swap. Look up the car up because it is super cool! Coming back to reality though, one of those engines would cost so much that it wouldn't make since though. I haven't looked, but I imagine that they are unobtainable. Also, you could possibly have a custom build with similar[+] specs built for the same money.

  13. There are couple people who recommend BMW N55, I will have to look in junkyard for price and it should fit because 2jz fit the Z and N55 i think theyre smaller in dimensions than 2jz

  14. Hitting the limiter and making a sound only a LS400 can do But seriously it's not the route I want to take.

  15. Since nobody mentioned it yet, how about a 13B twin turbo? You're bound to turn heads with a rotary 350Z.

  16. Would be my last result, prolly going to save up a lot on gas and lose all my money on red beans... gotta burn calories

  17. are those the oem 370Z wheels? Maybe you'd have a greater profit by buying the car for parting. There are still a few components that can add up to 700:)

  18. I need to make sure they're authentic and not a replica, the previous owner said he bought it with the car, when I tow the car I will check, if they're real I will put them on my Z34 or sell them.

  19. 2JZ they come in a lot of vehicles on your side of the world. Just make sure you get the one that came in stock turbo cars.

  20. Yeah but there are dozens of 2jz swapped z33 here, I know they're amazing platform with big selection of aftermarket parts

  21. I mean, I would like to think I'm cool and get S54 but they're so rare here, so I highly doubt I will ever find one

  22. I mean I’d probably just go with another VQ35, obviously LS is “cheap”, but if you’re vehemently against it then it’s a no go. I’ve seen k swaps done on these, once saw one with an RB26. $700 isn’t bad and you could probably fit a plethora of motors in budget permitting. I think you might could get a VK56 in which would make for a unique car

  23. Are you mechanically inclined to do a custom swap? The z33 does have fantastic aftermarket support so you can do just about anything. I would do an sr20 swap if I got one for a fair deal in my own z. Currently doing a k24 swap on my y32 Gloria and would not recommend this if you are looking to make power and have a budget of 6k

  24. I have people who own shops that do the custom fabrication and they have done couple of 2jz swaps on Z33s

  25. Junkyard LS and call it a day. Kits already exist. If you want to spend more find a 2jz or even a k20/24. Kits exits for the 2jz too but the motor will cost you at least 3x as much likely more and for a k20 you'd have to fabricate some things

  26. Find a smashed 370Z and swap over the VQ37HR, buy the whole wrecked car so you can get all the wiring harness, ignition and ECU.

  27. If budget wasn't an issue I'm pretty sure people will go wild But for me I would do VK56VD or Viper V10 engine...

  28. مكينة 2jz من السكراب على ١٠٠ مادري ٢٠٠ تكون من لكزس ركب عليها ثلاجه و عدل وراس وباجي عليك وبس. اعراض التحويل متروس ترس

  29. Assume you are from USA Can you get 2jz for a good price? Try building a cheap 2jz ge from a wrecked is300/gs300 and build your own turbo kit. Not sure how complex wiring is but lots of folks have done the 2jz gte and 1jz gte swap here in aus.

  30. Audi 4.2 has a beautiful growl. GM 4.3 is a big V6 but they can take a ton of abuse & there are people getting close to 500hp with forced induction

  31. I'm just going to leave it for awhile, the price was too good to pass might aswell keep it until I have serious cash in hand

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