clutch pedal sits low

  1. Slave cylinder probably going out. Ironically I have an issue where my clutch pedal will stick halfway after driving for a while. I’ll be changing my master and slave cylinder as well as upgrading to a steel braided clutch line while I’m at it.

  2. i recently replaced my slave cylinder and master cylinder and upgrades to stainless steels clutch lines so i’m not too sure

  3. Everyone jumps straight to the know slave cylinder issue but it can also be as simple as old clutch fluid/has managed to get some water in there and it's overheating.

  4. This was happening to me for the longest time, turns out the diaphragm springs on the pressure plate weren’t fully releasing resulting in that “half-cocked” feel of the pedal. When I went in and replaced the clutch, I loosened the pressure plate and it popped back with a bit of force. Haven’t had an issue since (stage two CZP clutch kit replaced with stage one). Realize that’s not the case for everyone but I had changed out my slave and bled the master before hand and the problem persisted. I’d do what everyone else is suggesting and start with the easier to do tasks before jumping straight into replacing your clutch

  5. Could just need a bleed, since it can come back all the way, try pumping it, if not then id begin with a bleed, then if still persistent start looking at new a slave and master

  6. When I had this problem I tried replacing my master and slave cylinder, switched to high temp fluid, and changed to a SS clutch line, those didn't help at all so I replaced the whole clutch pedal assembly to an aftermarket one and no more half way pedal

  7. May want to try adjusting the rod that goes from the master to the pedal. May not be fully releasing. Had this problem once.

  8. If its an 07-08 its almost guaranteed to be the stock CSC. Always replace with the Zspeed CMAK to relocate the slave to the outside like in the 03-06 350

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