What’s wrong with my 05 350z?! It’s acting crazy.. Constant honking, rpm gauge needle jumping and dropping on it’s own, all these indicator lights lighting up. Please help, any of you pros know?

  1. Um it definitely seems like you got some weird electrical or wiring issue. Maybe an ecm issue. Idk man try to plug a code reader up to it if you got one. That shit is actually crazy, best of luck bro

  2. My money is on a bad ground. When you have a bad ground the current will try to go wherever it needs to to complete the circuit.

  3. IPDM is shitting the bed. The IPDM is a fusebox-solenoid combo thing nissan has invented that sits right behind the battery. Happened mine twice. Seems like water can get into it somehow and the solenoids get stuck/corroded in place, likely you will need a section of harnass as well as that corrodes too. Did you drive it through a big puddle maybe? ODB code reader will probably show you errors but they will likely be random seemingly unrelated electrical errors.

  4. I just realized, I drive over a massive puddle on the right/passenger side 15 mins prior to this happening. Will it be okay after it dries? Or will I need to replace something you think?

  5. No speedo either. I'd start by disconnecting the battery for a while. Only time I've seen that was an aftermarket alarm crapping out...

  6. Update: I disconnected the negative terminal from the battery for 20 minutes. Then, put it back on. I drove it around the block and back into my garage. It works normally, but now the horn does not work at all (pressing it or with the alarm).

  7. hear me out might sound dumb but my g35 (similar/same platform) was honking whenever I turned my a/c on smth like that. I changed the battery and it was back in action like it never happened. that way it was explained to me is that certain functions need certain voltages and when the battery voltage drops it confuses the system and makes it do weird things. goodluck buddy

  8. I just realized, I drive over a massive puddle on the right/passenger side 15 mins prior to this happening. Will it be okay after it dries? Or will I need to replace something you think?

  9. If you have not recently installed any new electronics I would start with battery, alternator, ecm in that order. If you have recently installed anything I would recheck your work for any exposed or cut wires.

  10. Wow this is wack, but just as others said, it may me a module issue, chrck the onboard instruments module, maybe its got water damage or even chafed up and shorting out wires from it bring relocated in a new location

  11. Had the same issue with my ford minus the horn. Turned out to just be an ABS wire that had been worn out and was getting water on it messing with the electrical stuff

  12. I just realized, I drive over a massive puddle on the right/passenger side 15 mins prior to this happening. Will it be okay after it dries? Or will I need to replace something you think?

  13. Used to work near a wholesale auction that “detailed” the engine bay by opening the hood and pressure washing tf out of everything. Relay box would fill with water and horns would be stuck on just like this. Hopefully its something as simple as that.

  14. 2nd Update: wixely, thank you. You just made me remember that I DID drive thorough a massive puddle, on the right/passenger side of my car about 15 minutes before this started happening. Should I wait for everything to dry? and should it then work normally? Or did I ruin something (that needs to be replaced)?

  15. I unplugged the negative terminal from the battery for 20 mins. Drove the car into my garage, car works but now there’s no horn. Pressing it or via alarm or fob. No horn.

  16. I will do and try this. Thanks so much for the advice. I’ll keep you all updated. You have all been so helpful, I’m thankful for all advice provided.

  17. gonna go out on a limb and say that something to do with the car is not functioning in the way in which it should to facilitate easy use of the car

  18. Could be a bad alternator or voltage regulator. My E64 was doing something similar a while back, a new alternator took care of it.

  19. Have your battery checked, but also check your fuse box for any weird jumper cables, I've seen this pulled as a prank on someone before, they had wired there brake lights to their horn.

  20. I had a similar problem with an Audi Q5. In my case, the dash gauge’s (tach and speedometer, both electronic) would act erratic. Value would stick to a number or drop to zero. Turns out this happened after the battery had been changed. Back to the shop and after a “capacitive discharge” the issue was resolved.

  21. Did you try driving it to your nearest church and giving it a wash with holy water. That's weird asf! Would probably get another ecufrom a junkyard and see what happens.

  22. Seriously my Z was having some of those issues. RPM gauge erratic, instrument lights going crazy. Turned out to be a bad alternator. Replaced alternator and problems went away.

  23. Update 3: I opened the horn fuse and it was blown from all the blaring last night (I guess). So I put in another 15 fuse, it work for 3 honks, then stopped. I checked the new fuse that i just put and it was already blown! Anyone know why this fuse blew after 3 honks?

  24. I had that issue before in a 97 Camry. I'd replace the horn fuse and could blow it 1-2 times and fuse was blown. I speculated that I had a short somewhere between steering wheel and horn, but never found it. I had replaced the relay already. Dealer may have a way to find out. If you do anything yourself and you're around the airbag, make sure you disconnect the battery, you don't want that to blow.

  25. With that many different electrical issues I’d start with the body control module. When they go bad they can cause all types of crazy shit.

  26. Check your grounds and connections? If not the you may have a short to voltage somewhere. That is fun to diagnose.

  27. This happened to me when I drove into a fat puddle of water, my relays and shit were wet but all I had to do was hit it with some compressed air, luckily.

  28. I had this exact problem. I took it to the shop and they figured it out in like 2 minutes. The problem was that it had a Nissan badge instead of a Toyota badge. It cost me around 52k to fix it.

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