Ahh yes, Dr. Animal Crossing and Dr. Stardew Valley

  1. A Short Hike is a really chill cute game where you hike up a mountain as a little bird and collect feathers so you can fly more

  2. Friend, you may want to try another therapist. I've had a lot of therapy myself, with several different therapists. They were all helpful in some ways, but it can take a few tries to get one you really mesh with.

  3. Loved Spiritfarer, Gris, and Hades! I didn’t really enjoy V Rising tbh. However, I never knew about Wytchwood! Gonna check it out

  4. I even had to install a mod that changes the time speed on Stardew Valley. The days being so short was making my crippling anxiety act up.

  5. Always Minecraft. Just me building my bases and secret underground storage areas that nobody will ever see, mining, chilling with cats, farming crops, and trading with Villagers

  6. Played it on Apple Arcade for a couple of days but stopped for some reason. Upon checking now tho, it seems like there are lots of updates so I might get back to it

  7. Hey I remember seeing that game on a list of games that are similar to Journey, and Journey was indeed absolutely beautiful

  8. Kerbal space program, firewatch, slime rancher, Starbound, pretty much any Lego game, if you have vr the ikea vr experience exists and blade & sorcery never fails to destress me

  9. Recently bought a Series X and all i'm doing is even more Fallout 4 settlement building (1000+ hrs) while my backlog grows...

  10. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. You can get it easily via downloading a DS emulator and then a free copy of the game. Literally I’ve played that game 20+ times and still enjoy it. It has some parts that still make me cry, even at 26 years old.

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