Average communal discourse in Endia

  1. Thank you for your submission. Make sure you have understood the rules clearly to avoid having your post removed or getting yourself suspended. Long live Asia!

  2. Bruh you literally from Bengal. From my personal experience, Bengali girls both Muslim or Hindu are really easy to talk to compared to others because of comparatively less conservative culture(atleast in Delhi)

  3. I genuinely hope people like these die alone and bitchless 🙏 no one deserves to suffer being in a relationship with these fucks

  4. I'm a Hindu guy and I've had a few crushes, none of them were Hindus. Mostly coincidental, but it'll give a stroke to most Hindu nationalists so I stand by it

  5. Lol this is an obvious larp ain’t no Hindu girls going for Muslim boys unless you think the desperate islamacels force converting them counts

  6. Just checked. Dude is there since December 2011. Mf there from days when India didn’t see Jio’s internet revolution. Quite interesting.

  7. It's simple. The number of Hindu-Muslim marriages in India is insignificant and most end in tragedy. Honour kiling is still a thing among Indian muslims and hence most Hindu men steer clear of this community. Some Hindu women foolishly still go for it and end up getting chopped, stabbed, strangled or thrown off a moving vehicle.

  8. Honour killing is a thing with North Indians and Tamils. Hindu and Muslims both. We read about more honour killing over inter caste than over interfaith marriage every year. Look up Khap panchayats too. It’s simply ridiculous to say it’s a thing with Muslims only.

  9. I am a Indian. I did ancestry dna test and learned I’m 80 percent Nepali. My whole world has changed. I tried to commit suicide but couldn’t do it. Now i have to live like this. But after that I decide it is a nepali game. I suggest people don’t do dna test it’s lie bcs i’m 100% indian.

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