You cant compare BRAVE NEW WORLD with 1984

  1. I think 1984 is supposed to represent totalitarian societies like China and I think A Brave New World is supposed to be more similar to a capitalistic democratic society kind of like America for example. My opinion is that i think both writers were right but with different types of societies

  2. I think what he meant was he supports genetic engineering to eliminate undesirable traits. I don’t think that qualifies as eugenics.

  3. The writers had different opinions about how the worst possible outcome of the future for society would come about and what it would look like and how it would function in their view.

  4. we humans are unnecessarily sentimental, i mean you are on reddit, you have seen posts of people complaining that they either hate or are fed up with their handicapped or autistic siblings or children. Why give life to these kids, and then make the lives of others hell, when we can not just put them through the misery of having a painful existence.

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