In the US, they called the worst president in history

The United States has named the worst president in the history of the country. According to a study conducted by the C-SPAN channel, one of them was Donald Trump, his moral and administrative qualities deserved a particularly low rating, RIA Novosti reports.

142 historians specializing in the United States participated in the creation of the rating. Trump took 41st place out of 44, while Grover Cleveland appears on the list twice, he was the 22nd and 24th head of the American state. Abraham Lincoln was in the lead, along with George Washington and Franklin Roosevelt in the top three. The top ten also includes John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and Barack Obama closes it.

President Bill Clinton took the 19th place, George W. Bush-21, Richard Nixon – 31st place. The rating was based on the sum of points from ten positions, including moral qualities, administrative and leadership abilities, success in foreign policy and the economy, the gift of persuasion.

Earlier, US President Joe Biden said that his predecessor Donald Trump had caused enormous damage to the country’s international relations .”By the way, I have just returned from Europe (…) And here is the result. I know that you all understood the enormous damage to international relations caused by the one who sat in this chair in front of me,” Biden said, referring to the presidential post.

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