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  1. Being subbed to both here and shitposting is fun because I can scroll my feed see a post from their and think "man 196 is going to fucking LOVE this one."

  2. I browse this sub and lesbianinsectbrothel because they’re both funny and progressive, only LIB is a bit more right leaning. However, it sadly seems like they’re dealing with a small infestation of SJW compilation 13 year olds from shitposting.

  3. “Tolerance and Understanding” means respecting other people’s cultural, religious, or sexual systems. “Tolerance and Understanding” does not include people who believe women don’t deserve rights and black people shouldn’t vote.

  4. I don’t understand how they believe bad beliefs should be tolerated. It’s a paradox of tolerance to be tolerant of the intolerant.

  5. Also tolerance doesn‘t mean you need to engage or validate anyone in any way. That I tolerate conservatives in my country doesn‘t mean that I have to date or befriend them.

  6. It‘s literally play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Being a shitty person with shitty views surprisingly makes people see you as such.

  7. It’s basically a phrase meant to indicate that all women are like this. Hence why a lot of anti women posting is often accompanied by the phrase posted repeatedly

  8. As far as I’ve seen it’s just a placeholder for the word “moment”, but it is often used as “woman ☕️” or “woman moment” so it has ties to misogyny. The shitposting op is saying “tolerance and understanding moment” in the title so the the title itself doesn’t seem to be misogynistic as much as it’s just them trying to say “sO mUcH fOr ThE tOlErAnT lEfT!!1!”

  9. There are some exceptions but the total of 5 conservative dudes who aren’t shitwads doesn’t excuse the rest

  10. Sick of conservatives thinking we’re obligated to sit and listen to them shit on women and gays and minorities.

  11. Shitposting used to be a decent subreddit. Like a somehow homophobic yet still queer 196. Such a shame it is basically an inferior dank memes.

  12. "I think women should lose control over their bodies as well as the right to vote. My religious beliefs should provide the framework for law in this country, and that the side fighting for slavery in the Civil War was the right side.

  13. Conservatives when they invade countries, hand out tax money to corporations, suck off lobbyists and billionaires, take away our rights, arrest people for smoking weed, etc and wonder why they get no pussy.

  14. I would have thought this was unreasonable maybe 10 years ago. Conservatives now have lost their fucking minds. I’m also just less tolerant towards bigoted bullshit now because I was a kid 10 years ago and didn’t fully understand it

  15. I know too many liberal women who date/ are friends with very conservative, bigoted men because "I can change him"

  16. The lack of self awareness is hilarious. That same user is probably desperately posting to find someone who will talk to him on this app.

  17. I just received my first mental health services report, I’m so proud of this. It’s like a badge of honour

  18. “I just want small government, I’m more of a libertarian, babe trust me. Just because I voted for the people that helped take away your bodily autonomy doesn’t mean I don’t like you.”

  19. I know, I hate conservatives too but it's not like the man said racist hate speech. Not maybe the op in the picture left out more info

  20. Polarization isn't a problem. The right wing of this country is openly fascist at this point. A left wing that's incompatible with a fascistic program for the future is a good thing, it's the bare minimum a society should tolerate at this stage. Nobody should give a fuck what these people's intentions are, our political lives have real consequences for everyone else.

  21. Im gonna get downvoted to oblivion for this but the unwillingness to discuss, debate and partially accept the opinions of others is what pushes people apart from eachother, it's what destroyes families and it's the thing that will ultimately be the downfall of your country. It's also what perpetuates your dystopian-ass two-party system.

  22. i am not interested in debating my right to exist as a transwoman with somebody who fundamentally views me as amoral, degenerate, and disgusting.

  23. There's no good conservatives, because the whole core of conservatism requires you to be a shitty human being to believe in it

  24. I don't know tbh. Social conservatives can fuck off for all I care but the more socially liberal, yet fiscal conservative ones, aka the ones who actually care about the econonie over pointless culture wars, I don't mind them, yet they Ally themselves with bigots even if they find it uncomfortable. What should be done about those? Is my opinion on them wrong? Are they no better than the extreme social conservatives? I really don't know

  25. "ugh these people care about human rights and being nice, they always hate people that want to murder them for no reason and the people that want to abuse them. so intolerant" Change yourself for the better. Be nicer to people and do not be on the side of people people that are shitty and intolerant. Accept people for who they are. We do not kill bigots but bigots kill us. Look at what anti-LGBT+ monsters have done over the course of history. Many beheadings, murders, tortures, sexual abuse and many more. 50% of LGBT+ people get sexually assaulted at least once in their lives. The horrible monsters that roam around the streets, target vulnerable individuals, like children, LGBT+ folk, people of colour and people with mental illnesses.

  26. Can you explain to me why I, as a trans woman, should try to befriend someone who calls me a sex offender, pervert, and pedophile?

  27. I get the sentiment, but it is just completely wrong to perceive absolutely anyone as "superior" to someone else, let alone where some unknown circumstance may be concerned. After all, systems of opression often spread even in ways that aren't quite intended, and indoctrinate who they please. Because I'm sorry, but anyone who believes that a half of the population doesn't deserve their rights is not in their best judgment. Yes, you heard it here first: Nazism is a mental illness. Of course, if there is no other option, I'd obviously always rather the victim be protected, and people should stay away from these people, but it should always be considered where things actually come from, since accountability is only truly understandable for the things you hold yourself accountable for, as you know exactly why you did them. Identities are under no circumstances permanent, being only still images of a person.

  28. Yo i get youre mad but im prettys sure most soldiers are conservarive, or at least republican, and when a civil war breaks out, youre not gonna want to be alianating them Edit: i just noticed how much this comment makes me look like a jackass lol

  29. Not American but soldiers probably wouldn’t like to know the Republican Party is trying to axe veteran pensions and support

  30. How are you supposed to be friends with someone who is vocally hateful towards minorities that likely most of us are friends with, or are actually a member of?

  31. While not American as these posts are clearly talking about American politics. She in my opinion is entitled to be annoyed at a conservative supporter as to no surprise they mainly focus on platforms of eroding the rights of women, lgbt etc. she is entitled to not want to have to date a conservative. The conservative she mentions isn’t entitled to a relationship with her. This is how dating works their is no entitlement to each other’s time.

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