this meme continues to be a reused cry for help Rule

  1. You wear a beenie as a source of comfort from the harsh reality that you're afraid of being vurnerable with people and therefore only act outgoing when cosplaying because that's "pretend" that you can control. Moreover you're insecure about your looks and need validation from strangers on the internet. And worse of all, you're a bottom

  2. Classic chemistry stem furry working on a degree and for someone who had an interesting developmental moment from a regular show skunk spraying scene is surprisingly well rounded in other topics of study. Also has been big on self improvement lately with an effort to reduce time spent on Reddit and eat better over the last couple of months 😳

  3. Are you the person who talked to me about wanting to be a skunk and live in the forest and eat berries when I was trying to figure out if I was trans or not?

  4. I learned from reading your comment and post history I should be careful what you post because if your truthful about everything you say I know:

  5. You are an average self hating high schooler who wishes for love and copes by being funny to the point of self proclaimed ironic narcissism

  6. Based on how active you are in transgender themed subreddits, your parents and peers are likely not supportive to your identity or you are in the closet. You probably look at pictures of other women going through transitioning to make yourself feel better, and I hope you're well.

  7. you're a leftist and a bottom. neither of those are bad things, but I feel like you're disappointed that you're a bottom. you like doom. you support trans rights (thank you btw)

  8. Your father abandoned you and your mother shortly after you were born. Your mother was a heroin addict who died when you were 5 years old. You bounced from foster home to foster home, but nobody ever adopted you. They thought you were too quiet and your ears were too big. As you bounced from foster homes you picked up smoking at a young age. Attachment and love have never graced your heart. To feel anything at all you begin breaking the rules, knowing that you'll never be adopted anyways. The kids in your home bully you, but can you blame them? You spend all day outside catching mice and holding them upside down. Your first victim was a mouse, but eventually you'd kill anything you could get your hands on. Mice, lizards, small cats and dogs who we're too slow to escape your clutches. You'd stab them, strangle them, and watch the life escape their bodies as their bodies went still and cold. Eventually, around your 17th birthday, you finally snapped and hit your bully over the head with a rock. You tied him up in the crawl space of your house, and tortured him for 6 days, then strangled him to death. This became your signature. You buried him in a shallow grave and after it became obvious you weren't getting caught; foster kids run away all the time, you decided to kill again. Or maybe 'decide' is not the right word, for all you could think about was your next killing. You started with people who nobody would miss and got more and more daring as the years went on. You felt like a god, like you could never get caught. Until one day you make a reddit post on r /gaming where there is visible blood in the background as you clutch your copy of The Witcher. Most of the comments were circlejerking about the best game ever made and so on, but one lone gamer noticed the blood and decided to report the image. It didn't take long for the dedicated and hard working mods of r /gaming and reddit to report this to the local authorities. As the helicopters and swat vans flew around your house, you decided you wouldn't go down without a fight. But right before you decide to make one last comment on r /196. "M-", but before you could finish, you were shot dead in your apartment.

  9. You have a lot of self hate and is going into a self destructive spiral, your posts (including this one) are cryes for help.

  10. Okay, so these are the facts: You like tumblr (unsurprising since 196 is basically the same thing), have an invalid opinion on Multiverse of Madness, are genderqueer, a leftist, and in highschool. None of these are surprising either, since, again, you like 196 and tumblr. Now for the brutal psychoanalysis:

  11. Holy fuck the more I looked through the more you remind me of my twin sister, except a year older! She's obsessed with Vox Machina, as you seem to be, you are likely a strong advocate for trans rights. Oh, how's that recent confidence boost going? For the final part of my overanalization I will say with absolute confidence that you are definitely an INFP!

  12. You're the kind of person that rub its nipples masochisticly and with strawberry jam while spamming the whole google servers with selfies of said nipples.

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