My first 1911. A 9mm Star BM. From what I gather it was an un-liscenced copy

  1. I believe the Star PD would be considered more of a copy. I had a PD, buddy had a BM that was purchased at Wal-Mart. How times have changed.

  2. The lack of a grip safety makes the BM feel more like a loose interpretation. Like a stratocaster with different pickups or something.

  3. It's externally similar but internally it's not vaguely a 1911, more inspired by the 1911 aesthetic, but by no means is it a copy.

  4. I have several. While they look like a 1911 they are a totally different animal on the inside. Great little guns, whenever I take a new person to shoot the Star is what I use first. you used to be able to pick them up for $175-200

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