Nutrition & Mental Health

Our quarterly newsletter focuses on orthomolecular medicine in relation to the treatment and prevention of mental illnesses. Complementary orthomolecular treatments for such illnesses as schizophrenia, depression, autism, behavioural disorders are investigated, along with current issues in the mental health field, patient advocacy and current research. This newsletter is unique as a resource as it is devoted exclusively to the orthomolecular approach to mental health.

(ISSN 1199-7699) is published quarterly by the International Schizophrenia Foundation, 16 Florence Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M2N 1E9. Phone (416) 733 -2117, Fax (416) 733-2352. E-Mail Copyright by the Canadian Schizophrenia Foundation. CSF Membership is $30.00 per year which includes a subscription to Nutrition & Mental Health. The contents reflect the views of the individual writers and not necessarily those of the editor. It is recommended that treatment of all health problems be undertaken in consultation with a qualified Health Professional.

Managing Editor: Steven Carter
Editor/Production: Greg Schilhab
Editor/Researcher: Talya Rotem


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