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This page contains frequently asked questions regarding the ISF approach to treating schizophrenia.
Our online brochure provides more detailed information on this subject. Also available are samples of our newsletter Nutrition and Mental Health and our comprehensive booklist which offers more information about the causes and cures for mental illness. Membership information for the ISF is also available. Upcoming information sessions are listed here

What is the ISF?

It is a national, non-profit, charitable organization federally chartered in 1968, with international affiliates dedicated to raising the levels of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the schizophrenias and allied disorders.

How Does it Carry Out its Functions?

The ISF has developed programs which include professional and public information, working with mental health care professionals and governments, and research. The ISF information program includes:

  • A list of publications including more than 300 books, pamphlets and reprints.
  • Publishing The Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, formerly known as The Journal of Orthomolecular Psychiatry, a unique medical journal for health professionals.
  • Publishing Nutrition & Mental Health, a newsletter with special emphasis on psychiatric illnesses.
  • Annual international conferences held alternately in Toronto and Vancouver, focusing on nutritional medicine.
In addition, public meetings, conferences, radio, television programs and newspaper articles are also part of the program. The ISF and its branches answer thousands of enquiries each year from people seeking information and help. The ISF works with governments, physicians, nurses, teachers, psychologists and community organizations to improve treatment and preventive measures, to reduce fear and stigma, and to provide the best possible treatment and rehabilitation services.
The ISF also promotes and supports research.

How is the ISF Funded?

The ISF gets its main income from memberships, subscriptions to the quarterly publications Nutrition & Mental Health and the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, donations and sale of literature.

How Can the ISF Members Help?

The members of the ISF are vital to the organization because they can work at a local level, either through ISF branches, the ISF head office or on their own, to provide services in their communities and to give information and encouragement to people who need help.

For information about how the foundation can help, please contact:

International Schizophrenia Foundation
16 Florence Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M2N 1E9
Tel. (416) 733-2117
Fax (416) 733-2352
E-mail centre(at)orthomed.org –Important: If you would like a literature sample or a listing of orthomolecular health professionals in your area, please include your name and mailing address.


The ISF invites everyone who wishes to support our work to become a member. Membership includes a subsciption to the ISF Newsletter Nutrition and Mental Health. In Canada and the USA, membership is $35.00 per year. Overseas, membership is $40.00 per year. Please visit our membership page to sign-up, or you can contact us by phone or e-mail.

16 Florence Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M2N lE9
Tel (416) 733-2117
Fax (416) 733-2352
E-mail: centre@orthomed.org


Your generosity allows the ISF to make extraordinary recoveries possible. We could not help others without your support.
Please consider the ISF in your charitable giving.
Your support is essential to promote the wide acceptance and use of orthomolecular treatment to enable people with mental illness to lead healthy, independent lives. The ISF, as non-profit foundation, has a difficult mission: to offer people a lifeline and a way out of the drug-centric psychiatric climate which offers little hope for recovery for lives shattered by mental illness. Without your support, the ISF would not be able to educate laypersons and professionals, connect patients with orthomolecular practitioners and fund research, and in so many ways be a voice of true hope where drugs alone have failed so many.


The ISF welcomes volunteers. Work with us and learn how we help others. Download our application form.

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