1. Won’t be watching, friends’ schedules and mine lined up for the first time in months. Will be checking for score updates occasionally.

  2. Had to shut the game off when it was 2-0, Jets have looked putrid tonight. Virtually zero offensive zone time and next to no real threatening looks. Based on recent comments I'm glad I didn't see this retroactive penalty call that has a lot of people angry.

  3. Agreed Stanley has not played well, but the real issue on defence in Pionk, terrible defence and almost no offence

  4. Yeah I won’t pretend like Pionk hasn’t been a problem too, as bad as his defence has been, he still ranks pretty highly as a defenceman when it comes to points (per The Athletic).

  5. This has been happening to me too almost exactly as described (only it’s A3C8P2 rather than the first half). It’s been occurring both with batch download and without so I can only assume the fault lies on the app’s end.

  6. Crystal Tower + World of Darkness if you don’t grind in Eureka for Elixirs and Shurikens.

  7. Narcissism, and the fact that Sonichu very quickly devolved into a wish fulfillment/revenge fantasy outlet for Chris.

  8. I agree with maybe Tyro/Elarra/Dr. Mog/Wol. Couldn’t really care less about Rain/Lasswell/Fina or characters from FF Dimensions, but wouldn’t be opposed to their inclusion.

  9. Just so you know, Quina got added in the JP version. (Just in case you didn't know)

  10. JP version is about a few months to a year ahead of us right?

  11. I like Pionk. I read here people want to trade. I love hockey but know nothing about trading. Why would we do this?

  12. The only reason I could see Pionk being traded is if the Jets have a bigger deal in the works (multiple prospects and picks for an established star player) and cap space needs to be made to accommodate the deal. Knowing the Jets and their conservative approach for the past few trade deadlines, this isn’t likely to happen.

  13. When I last checked, the Jets defensive zone giveaways percentage was somewhere around 75%, third worst in the league. Remarkably, this number and ranking are better than last year’s.

  14. Absolutely no magic there If I’m not mistaken there’s a kind of reverse status of some sort… somewhere… too

  15. Ipsen’s Castle has the inverted damage gimmick

  16. You cannot use any Magic in Oeilvert, that was even mentioned in the story if I remember correctly. Any magic is useless there.

  17. Yes I’m fairly certain Kuja mentions it, or one of the other party members do.

  18. Was Bob an unfit parent? Yes. Was Bob racist? Yes.

  19. The amount of money Chris was making with Sonichu (virtually nothing) meant that if a copyright infringement lawsuit took place, any sort of settlement would not make the legal fees worthwhile.

  20. Are you referring to the time where someone pretending to be Clyde Cash threatened to kill him?

  21. I have seen far far worse parents than borb. Father getting drunk and beating their kids, parents forced their children to work while they are underage, very negligent parents etc etc. They were not ideal parents for him but they loved him very much and spent lots of money on him. I don't really get the hate they received as parents considering they were very old and from different generation.

  22. They weren’t abusive, but they were negligent and their negligence was a result of ignorance, and that sometimes can be just as bad.

  23. What exactly happened in dms that they threatened to leak?

  24. I think there’s a few factors for why Cinemassacre has dropped off in recent years.

  25. "Easy targets" exactly, they aren't easy targets he made easy targets, but ones other people made into easy targets.

  26. That’s more or less what I meant by east targets. Sonic 2006 is an “easy target” because everyone and their grandma knows it’s bad and knows exactly why.

  27. If someone is willing to cosplay as Chris (knowing full well what he will forever be associated with), then that’s their choice and they’re probably also aware of the consequences that may come with it.

  28. Frankly chris is an unfortunate case, he was born on the edge of the crack (poor, isolated, mentally and developmentally fucked up) has slowly spent his entire life falling through it. He was emotionally groomed by his own mother and then tortured by the internet for basically his entire adult life.

  29. A lot of times Chris’s most boneheaded decisions are made by himself and not influenced by trolls.

  30. I don't discount any of that but he's still the results of an apathetic world. He was poor and sick and pretty much doomed to end up a crazy homeless person who thinks he's Jesus who bounces in and out of prision, mental homes till he dies. The only real difference between chris and any other homeless Jesus is that the internet got to watch him descend into madness and potentially prolong his suffering with funds and distraction from acts that would have got him put away sooner.

  31. I don’t disagree - he was set up to fail in every sense of the word. One thing I’m curious about is that the school system never seemed to have arranged home visits or look into Chris’s welfare. Can’t help but wonder if he was fostered that things may have been slightly different.

  32. Not too many takeaways from this game seeing as the Jets had maybe 20 hours rest in between this and Vancouver’s game.

  33. Any news on Schmidtty tho? I thought dislocated shoulder at first, hope he's ok.

  34. CBS says concussion and that his earliest return date is December 27th. He’s been placed on IR and Heinola has been called up.

  35. Not quite I wish I could find the quote but he is like Chris is malevolent, wants to do horrible things, but wants the trolls as plausible deniability. So thats why Chris can't be trolled into getting a job, but french kissing a sex doll in public is easy.

  36. This much is true. I think Chris is genuinely a pretty shitty person, most of which could be attributed to (but not excused by) his poor upbringing and his mental health. Not really sure to what extent it’s “malevolent”, or just a byproduct of his egocentrism.

  37. To think we're playing this good without Ehlers and Appleton 🤯 anyone know ETA for either's return?

  38. CBS says January 3rd but it’s been pushed back before. Appleton is January 23rd.

  39. Super unpopular opinion here but my favourites include 2, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 13’s trilogy.

  40. Don’t download the ROMs to your iCloud Drive. If they’re physically on your device’s file browser that should work.

  41. What does this mean? I don’t watch soccer or know most if not all of its jargon. Does this mean the World Cup was cancelled mid event?

  42. It is statistically impossible for Qatar to finish in the top half of their group, meaning they will not advance to the knockout stage that succeeds the group stage. Which essentially means their last match is meaningless for them.

  43. Firstly, what version of Final Fantasy VI is this? The answer may differ depending on the version.

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