1. How many store updates happened in the same timeframe?

  2. What makes you think that “disconnected from server” has anything to do with anti-cheat?

  3. Because this has been a thing since the end of Warzone 1… if you get 13-16 kills a game, it’ll kick you and you’re sb for a day or two..

  4. We gotta be careful otherwise this post might go viral.

  5. If you gulag late game, nobody is ever there anyway.

  6. Sounds like it might be thermal throttling. Keep an eye on your temps while this is happening.

  7. Have you tried a different mouse? It could just be the mouse button failing.

  8. Why? And how did I get here? How do I get out?

  9. Guess it’s not gonna happen then, why would anybody sign up to get cheated over and over again?

  10. A lot of the time you're just trying to snatch it and run to cover because there might be more people around and you end up stuck there with your dick in your hand while someone rounds the corner and blasts the shit out of you lol. It's so frustrating. I'm sure all of us have lost a lot of engagements due to the game just refusing to allow you to access things.

  11. Yea it happens way more often than it should.

  12. There were 1500 people playing last night (on steam) buckets barely mean anything anymore

  13. After taking a few weeks off I did one drop last night. In less than 5 minutes I was killed by a blatant cheater who had 2 buddies in tow collecting gear. Not shocked player-base is low.

  14. Its like they didn't even play the game for testing. How did nobody point out how bad the looting is in so many ways?

  15. It’s amazing to me how some things took a step backwards. It’s like they learned nothing from WZ1.

  16. I actually think matchmaking is okay. I think you probably need to assess situations a little better. When I play solo I usually will get a few duos in my lobbies but if I see them, I sit and wait to asses if they have gear that is worse than mine or if they separate for a little for me to pick one off. I think if you like the game and want to keep growing your stash and progression, this shouldn’t be the reason you leave.

  17. So I have missions that require I make noise, I get engaged by what I think is another solo, and then get flanked or shot in the back by his teammate I never even knew existed.

  18. I see why it bothers you and so many others to be placed in a Match versus teams but for some reason it isnt the same for me; I've liked fighting at a disadvantage every since Solo'ing in the original DayZ mod, simply because it feels that much more rewarding to win. Also it just plays entirely different of course which, I guess at least for me, helps keep things interesting

  19. That’s an interesting perspective, and makes sense. I could see that being the case for myself eventually, but it would be great to be able to confidently win 1v1’s and feel proficient at gunfights and mechanics before being thrown into situations against teams.

  20. Well you cant point of the game is risk vs reward not going in an empty map :)

  21. If there isn’t enough population to fill a server with 16-30 solos the writing is on the wall. I gave the game a shot, and the reason I’m leaving is because of the matchmaking, specifically being put up against teams as a solo. There’s no reward when you are just cannon fodder.

  22. Yeah there isnt for 3rd map. And the game doesnt even try that hard its everyone vs everyone , it doesnt have a solo mode. If thats not for you , game is not for you

  23. Sounds like the game isn’t for much of anyone…

  24. I couldn’t agree more. After a month or so of playing Im done and this is the only reason. I just bought MW2, and am switching to that.

  25. I spent 20 hours figuring out the best delayed kickoff to counter the speed flippers. Guess it’s working.

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