1. This has been hands down most isolating thing I’ve ever experienced and I’ve been through so many other things, including homelessness. PMDD is still more lonely. One thing that has helped me tremendously is to STOP expecting or even hoping for others to understand. Once I realized that, it’s been very liberating. They don’t need to understand you. Communicate your needs and boundaries, isolate if you lash out, and take care of yourself. It’s kind of like a little secret that no one around you will know.

  2. She escalates and threatens to leave the relationship.

  3. I have done exactly this. It's still really hard if he has to leave. It feels like the world is ending. I have hurt myself, broken things, blocked the door, sent insane texts and voice mails, physically started packing his stuff up...

  4. I see this is 2 years old and my TBI was over 4 years ago and it's a shame I'm just finding out about this now but here goes.

  5. Wow thanks for dragging this up- its actually nice for me to see where I was two years ago vs now.

  6. Also sorry for typos - long post on mobile 😅

  7. Several people have said show him this post. I have different advice - don’t. You should not have to explain basic human kindness to your spouse. Ever.

  8. Mentioned this on a later comment that also said something along the lines of "believe people when they show you who you are"

  9. This sounds like he planned all of this. He isolated you from your family and friends. Taking away your support system. While promising you access to them via landline. He got rid of his car and has basically taken ownership of yours; denying you access to the outside world. And his parents live next door; basically his eyes and ears on you when he leaves the house.

  10. Oh yes we know, there’s states I absolutely cannot move too because I am in an interracial relationship, a right that’s recently been threatened, by them. It’s almost a battle between good and bad at this point, and they have all the guns too. Many more things I could say, but I’ll not, we are frightened

  11. There are states threatening interracial marriage??? Can you elaborate?

  12. When SCOTUS rescinded Roe v Wade Justice Thomas started listing other things that were not legislated in congress but determined through SCOTUS rulings. He indicated that those rulings would be reconsidered without the lens of precedence.

  13. Wow yikes I knew same sex marriage was on the potential chopping block but did not know about the rest. Thanks for the extra info, as terrifying as it is

  14. I'm also a dollhouse over dolls kid! I hated pretending to be people.

  15. My recent obsession is House Flipper - it's literally just cleaning and redecorating houses 😆 (PC game)

  16. Omg yes I ask my partner if an outfit is nice enough for x all the time. I'm often wrong and then I give up and ask him to pick it.

  17. Samesies! After dating long enough, you should be able to understand the inner workings of your significant other.

  18. I actually agree. I've been with my partner five years. We've been through some traumatizing shit. He knows me/I know him better than anyone else including parents.

  19. Hey I'm sorry you're having to deal with that! Honestly it's been the hardest symptom for me to deal with - it just fuels the anxiety and anger that is already there and makes everything ten times worse. I'm going to leave a small novel about things I've tried in case it helps:

  20. My gut issues significantly improved after removing gluten and dairy. Not sure if there's a direct link to pmdd but a) at least one source of pain is better, and b) my doctor likes to remind me that the brain-gut connection is a Thing and that the vast majority of serotonin is produced in the stomach so... maybe it's all related somehow after all? Bodies are wild

  21. I agree! Bodies are wild. Things that are connected you wouldn’t think were connected. I eventually want to be like you and remove dairy and gluten. Was it hard?

  22. Gluten was easier than I thought it would be, but dairy was harder. Restaurants especially have started putting "gluten sensitive" things on the menu, but a lot of them still use butter.

  23. I had the opposite problem. I did two sleep studies - the second because I was nodding off on my long drive home from work and actually had a dream! Not much came of it besides what my husband calls "kicky legs."

  24. Can I ask what medication worked for you? My doctor started me on the lowest generic concerta dose specifically for fatigue and I'm not sure if it's working. If anything it made me calmer and more sleepy

  25. I have chronic exhaustion but tested negative for sleep apnea and blood tests normal. 🙃

  26. Same here. I'm about to start a new medication that's used to treat chronic fatigue syndrome (low dose naltrexone- yes that's narcan)... not sure if you've talked about cfs with your doctor before.

  27. fuck does that mean ocd therapy isnt going to work for me

  28. I didn't want to bring up yet another thing with my therapist so I did exposure therapy by myself using a workbook.

  29. Oh no!! I hate trying to figure out if things are supposed to be jokes and then how to respond to them...

  30. Yikes. That guy sounds like a joy to work for 😬

  31. As soon as I got to the end of the first paragraph I was already saying "oh nooooooooo"

  32. I would have to go back and search for links I’ve seen but I’ve read quite a bit of literature from doctors and researchers about the drawbacks of tampons, particularly the pain part. Everything I’ve read asserts that tampons increase cramping because of the expansion of the core, which presses against the vaginal walls that are already spasming and inflamed.

  33. If you have a minute to post these links I'd be super interested! I've always found they make cramps worse for me, but never knew it was a "thing"

  34. Yes. I have also only found cocoa powder and made “brownies” in a mug in the microwave to satiate the unholy levels of hell that would have rained down if I didn’t find any chocolate. Emergency stash is necessary around these parts.

  35. Send the buyer a message on PM, and add a card to the package. It goes a long way.

  36. Could you please let us know how you feel about SSP now? Thanks.

  37. I recently responded to a dm asking a similar question- I'll copy my answer here but feel free to ask any follow ups:

  38. I've been on Wellbutrin for 10 years, PMDD for 31 years. Wellbutrin helps with my general depression but it didn't help my PMDD. I started fluxotine 4 months ago, taking 10 mg daily ,starting 14 days before I menstruate. I had immediate relief.

  39. This is what I do currently, for the same reason

  40. I pay no attention to what I'm playing. play by ear, I dont use my musical education, I play with my eyes closed mostly. my issue is accessing information, the creative part of my brain is separate. it's about aural perception. music is for ears, not eyes. I've written courses, it's really helpful for those with cognitive issues, or just really busy people, who have a good ear, but not enough bandwidth to become fluent in music theory, you can become fluent aurally.

  41. My dad used to play on my keyboard and sing old songs when i was a child - he couldn't read a line of music but played trumpet in a band in his 20s and was a locally popular singer for time.

  42. I saw a lot of recs for reuseable options, which is great, but when I need something disposable I use Natracare and/or Rael

  43. I like the idea of doing one little thing every time you walk past something or into a new room. My mentality has always been "all or nothing" in some ways because that's how it was growing up.

  44. I switched to this way of cleaning a year ago and it's been life altering.

  45. For what it's worth, ADHD meds are meant to make your brain a little more like a "normal" brain, and plenty of "normal" brains don't want to do boring repetitive tasks either - meds aren't a magic bullet! That said, my best advice for getting a feel as to whether meds are working is to make a list of the ADHD symptoms you experience and see if any of them get better on meds. Some things are hard to quantify, like focus, but if you don't feel any improvements then it's probably not there.

  46. I did not think of it like that, thank you! I'll try tracking some symptoms for a bit and see if I notice anything

  47. I just started concerta and I don't understand what's supposed to be happening? How do I know if it's working?

  48. My son has an autoimmune condition and his Dr recommends all her patients be gluten and dairy free as they are inflammatory.

  49. Honestly I resisted it for a few years because I was scared to give up what seemed like everything.

  50. Yes, we resisted too and I let him have more dairy this summer with ice cream, but he’s paid for it the last couple weeks, so now we are doing a pretty strict cleanse. The gluten part has been easy. It’s the cheese part that we haven’t figured out so he’s not completely dairy free. Cheese doesn’t seem to bother him but I would cut it out completely if I could find a good alternative.

  51. Omg yes about the cheese - that one is definitely the hardest. I found that the daiya shreds work well in eggs (scramble or quiche), and their provolone one is ok in a sandwich for me (texture is odd though).

  52. They make me tired though that seems to be getting better and i go from hungry to starving awfully fast like when i was breastfeeding :/ oh and ive been craving less sugar which is good

  53. Do you have any updates on this? In the same boat currently with feeling tired and 0 effects other than a headache and greater awareness of my heat beating?

  54. I have noticed more of a difference particularly with emotional regulation. I am getting more done and im more focused but it isnt as pronounced as my spouse. I did learn that mine is mild so that may be why. Sleepiness went away once i got used to the meds. Id talk to tour doctor about the heart thing that could be a problem

  55. Unfortunately the way to diagnose is by tracking symptoms.

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