1. it would depend on the training you have. If you’ve taken a number of two or four day courses from highly reputable trainers that have drills that instill stress and fear and anxiety into you then you’re going to be better off then not. most people don’t do that type of training. Some outfits also have a force on force training that would also be good.

  2. My NO parish installed an altar rail. Takes all the decision making out and streamlined the entire process.

  3. It really does streamline things

  4. I live in St. Louis. So pretty much everywhere. Including inside my house...I've only been involved in one gunfight and it was inside my house when someone broke in. So far I'm 1-0 in gunfights. That's better than my marriage rate where I'm 0-1.

  5. Sounds like heresy to me. I name thee False Teacher Roche.

  6. You just do your best. Frankly I don't manage to stay away for more than a few weeks to a meeting month.

  7. Same, I think it was 2 months for me and then idkw I just broke :/

  8. 15 because I can't see very well past that

  9. Great question. Reach out to your pastor but be prepared for him to not really know and to have to reach out or send you to the diocese/bishop for further instruction.

  10. It's a part of the liberal woke agenda. Anything that resembles traditional Western civilization is bad and the exact opposite is good. Anything for or from "white people" is intrinsically evil.

  11. I just got a set. Never used the pliars on my leatherman but partially bc fhyre shit. I may swap them out for some small snips bc I did use the hell out of those on the leatherman.

  12. Diagnostic tests. Xray, ultrasound, blood work, GI bloodwork.

  13. Churu literally saved my cat's life several years ago. He was really nauseous. The vets found the reason and had meds to solve that, but wouldn't let him go home until he would eat something. I brought in Churu and fed it to him myself (he was also upset being at the vet.) He ate it. Overnight, they added it on top of his favorite canned cat food, and he ate that. So he was able to come home. And the vet started stocking it for picky eaters.

  14. What was the reason he was nauseous?

  15. When you're praying and get distracted by them then give glory to God that He has created beautiful woman. They are among the best of His creation. Topped only by Mountain Dew.

  16. This is my least favorite episode. For some reason I always fall asleep watching it.

  17. it's st louis...what did you expect?

  18. You would rather spend the time and money on the commute? Everyone pays more somewhere.

  19. If you can't afford the house, you don't really have a choice. Plus remote work makes that a non-issue.

  20. “Afford” is a matter of priorities though. Spending more on owning a home might be better depending on the family situation. They might be ok driving 20 year old cars and eating beans for dinner if it meant a nice house and better schools for the kids.

  21. Maybe but the HCOL areas are just out of the league of most people. You're just not going to be able to afford a half mill house on $150k income. Not without a giant downpayment.

  22. I like belt pouches and this is my revised edc. Love leatherman but with multitool there's too much compromise on the tools. I'd rather have a larger knife and real pliars...throw in a file and small wrench kit and I'm set. I'll probably tinker a bit with the setup...not sure if I would rather have pliars or small snips.

  23. I wear suspenders and a belt. Belt does not keep my pants up but it's a great attachment point for gear...

  24. When you add in iron sights to the glock the prices are about the same. I love glocks but I normally carry my p365xl because the thickness difference is the game changer.

  25. Brother, this is a pickle indeed. Rest assured you are not the first or only Protestant pastor who has struggled with this. Two public Catholics that come to mind are Taylor Marshall and Keith Nestor. Both were full time Protestant priests/pastors who gave it all up to be Catholic. I think Steve Ray also fits into this as well but I don't remember. You might reach out to them. Keith is the least known of the bunch but is an overall good guy (

  26. IIRC the position on priestly celibacy could be changed. If that is the case I would ask should it? 1000 year old tradition and all. What would be the benefit? I doubt allowing married priests would solve the vocations problem and would this create a problem with the pool of potential bishops? IIRC scripture saus bishops can't be married...or maybe they can't have more than one marriage.

  27. Totally agree with the authority issue. I was only saying this topic could be reconsidered. The other topics coming out of Germany not so much...

  28. Could you elaborate on what you mean when you reference the warning that St. Paul warned us about? Thanks.

  29. Paul writes to Timothy about false teachers and to guard what Paul has taught Timothy. Paul also writes about wolves among the sheep (or a similar metaphor).

  30. And Francis is going to do his job and excommunicate these guys right?

  31. Someone tell him that the new blessing the Germans invented will be in Latin 😂

  32. Well now is the time for Pope Francis to prove by his actions that's he's not what St Paul warned us about. I don't evny the position he is in. The time for patience is over. Command these bishops to Rome for a last chance at repenting publicly before excommunication.

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