1. I love the artwork but it's fuck-you difficult

  2. He’s only got $10 in his stack. He should be raising all streets if for no other reason than for fun. If hand goes to showdown, he may lose $10 but has a perfect table image for quadrupling his loss over the next hour. “I thought four aces is good?!” our hero types in the chat after the hand. Yolo

  3. why did you trade Jay Buhner?!

  4. A rocket for an arm.. you don't know what the hell you're doing!!

  5. omg I almost thought you were talking about taking a dump in other people's cars at first.

  6. That list is going to be 300 deep good luck getting a seat

  7. That guy is calling/betting like over half his stack on the right lol

  8. Alex Foxen or Jason Koon probably

  9. Yep, well said. Howard Folderer we used to call him back in the day lmfao.

  10. Don't care unless I'm sub 5% to win, then we going once

  11. 3betting flop 3way is a disaster here. You're just going to narrow their range down to overpairs while at the same time committing yourself to the pot with this insane sizing

  12. They peak around that price like 24 hours before the game but they've been dropping to about $700 a few hours before first pitch.

  13. Now that is a beautiful 😍 dog!! Congratulations 🎊

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