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  1. Sanford area here in Florida! If anyones near feel free to Pm and I’ll send an address haha

  2. Ah sadly I'm in Texas but once our ice storm passes I'm going to check my local one! (Not with much hope lol) thanks for the reply

  3. I have yet to see mine spread, it stays firmly in the "square" I plant it in. However I'm using Forest grass in the bushlands. It does grow the tufts for seeds though

  4. Happy Birthday beautiful Ellie Bellie! Who's the best girl?!

  5. I bet an amputee would love that, a lot of diabetics lose all their toes and their foot looks more or less like that.

  6. Had to recheck what sub I was on, looked like applique bits from

  7. Eeeeeee guess who is going to Ikea on Friday when she's off work!

  8. Oh my gosh I now absolutely need a little kinder surprise hidden inside my yarn

  9. My MIL (RIP) used to do this when my husband was little. She'd start her ball around a small toy or chocolate, knit from it then DH got the item after the ball was used up!

  10. I will leave you with a story. I had a female Doxie, didn't spay her because we were flat ass broke at the time. First, she got pyometra and almost died, had to have an emergency hysterectomy at around 6 years. Then she developed a benign mammary tumor some years later, had that removed. Less than a year later, it returned in the same spot, and spread like wildfire, this time it was cancerous. She developed ascites in hours one day and then went into respiratory distress, I had to get her euthanized that night. You're a surgeon, you know this could be an outlier! However if I'm not going to breed a girl, she's getting spayed. I refuse to put another innocent animal through that if one procedure will reduce the odds. Just my .02!

  11. Unraveling is fun! I was scouring thrift shops for real wool sweaters, you can get so much yarn from them. Even found a giant oversized pink monster I would overdye and an alpaca sweater dress one time, for just a couple dollars apiece. Excellent when you're on a shoestring budget and can't order "the good stuff" online

  12. Love the ears! I had a friend that used Kool aid to do that.

  13. No deed available, or the town is still in debt? Check the donation box in Fletch's tent (if you haven't already). She won't show deeds if there is an outstanding balance.

  14. Without, I was so distracted by the triangles I had no idea it was a clownfish until I got to comments. Super cute fluffy fishie though, love him!

  15. My husband is totally in, just to do it! Why not right?

  16. It will at least give him something to do for a while, it will probably be tricky to get the settings dialed in enough to hit the tolerances needed to work well. I hope he's up for a challenge! Please report back on how it goes.

  17. He and my son have a whole plan using acetone and super glue to reinforce, I'll happily post pictures!

  18. Meh, I'm turning everything under, it's a mild relief not having anything hanging on desperately and I can just put it to bed (so to speak) and plan for Spring! Growing up it was always a Thanksgiving chore, still don't have a handle on growing seasons here and it's been 22 years lol

  19. I say I'm going to do that every year lol Good for you actually starting!

  20. Jinx sleeps with us occasionally, no real rhyme or reason until my husband gets up then she smashes against me, I love it

  21. I didn't know those last 4 existed! I have so many elf ears now lol there is also a wreath for your head I have a few of

  22. You gotta get your hearts up more with the visitors

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