1. Transactions on Monero blockchain are private by design. Tornado is a set of smart contracts specifically created to obscure otherwise public origin-destination data on Ethereum chain. This might be the technical difference that makes Tornado sanctionable but not Monero.

  2. When you say “swap your moons to wETH” - so I went to sushi and added in my moons and it shows “ETH”, sorry to be a noob here but I’m assuming that the “ETH” it shows is wETH? If so would that show in metamask as “wETH” or just as “ETH” ?

  3. It'll show as ETH in MetaMask, has exactly the same value as regular layer1 ETH, and can be easily swapped for it on Orbiter Finance or any other swap protocol that supports Nova.

  4. But looking at it again there is an option for “wETH” ? Your saying the standard ETH is actually wrapped yeah?

  5. The way the government discovered this guy is pretty funny. He called the cops to report a break-in at his house, and specifically mentioned someone had stolen BTC from him. This, of course, made detectives suspicious. When they eventually searched his place, they found a floor safe containing large stacks of cash and a USB drive with 50,000 BTC on it.

  6. Right now I'm playing around with the zkSync ecosystem due to the possibility of an airdrop. The parent company raised over $450 million from VCs who will no doubt be wanting a return on their investment. A token is usually the easiest way to do that.

  7. I would love to play around in zkSync, what DApps are you using in the ecosystem? I am pretty new to L2’s, and I have some Matic in Polygon that I intend to use in Defi, but that is the only L2 i have actually interacted with tbh.

  8. For zkSync Lite I'm mainly using ZigZag Exchange. For zkSync Era, I've been playing around with Mute.io.

  9. Agree. The subreddit in particular offers a unique opportunity for people to learn and earn at the same time. It's structured so people gain exposure to key components of web3 such as self-custody wallets, blockchain explorers, liquidity pools, and governance voting.

  10. What if you're from the SEC or IRS and this is an elaborate plot to get our home addresses so you can sue for unregistered securities or failure to file taxes?

  11. Hard to have sympathy when the people he defrauded also face a "grim" life without their money.

  12. Money can ruin friendships. It's possible he could hold deep resentment toward you if your recommendations tank.

  13. Fine. Surviving 2022 means there is nothing that can destroy me because I am already broken beyond repair.

  14. You must of forgot to DCA. I would be down 90% or more if I didn’t. Now I’m only down about 10% and up a decent amount on Bitcoin and ETH.

  15. It doesn't help that the MetaMask founder has been hinting at a $MASK token since 2021:

  16. HSBC is not surprising since they willingly aided drug cartels like Sinaloa (El Chapo) in laundering over $880 million.

  17. Was reading in the Telegram channel how that person is covering all the costs for the CCMoons website.

  18. After reading the 74-page lawsuit, two things stood out as being particularly damaging to Binance / C Z:

  19. Quite interesting. The stated benefit is that users will be able to verify individual blocks without downloading a full copy of the network or relying on third-party services. They eventually plan to let users verify the entire blockchain this way too.

  20. I just find it so bizarre the lengths they are going to keep him out of jail by tailoring his conditions every time he does something wrong.

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