1. quick question: can Hunter talk in this AU, or does he just chirp?

  2. In similar aus ive done i don't usually have the little birdified character talk much just cause i like telling stories without a lot of dialogue but he can talk just doesn't do it a lot, mostly chirps to express emotions.

  3. My thoughts exactly 😅 I think of it as investing in my mental health and happiness 😊

  4. Not abused but belos is peregrine falcon-harpy-thing in this au, a predator of cardinals. So he is out for hunter's head. But willow protects him. He lives safely in her garden

  5. I cannot tell you how many videos I've seen of adult animals trying to drink milk from mother animals

  6. Legit question- can they? Is kink not an inherently sexual phenomenon?

  7. If you tried to describe this shit to 70 percent of the country they would become more reactionary overnight.

  8. I mean my normie republican dad seems to get it just fine maybe you are just an asshole.

  9. Legit though, what is it like to be a pure blooded from the whomb authentic asexual? Because I have no clue.

  10. The ace label is very similar to the trans label or the non-binary label. You can be ace without fitting perfectly into the box of completely asexual some are more asexual than others, some don't feel attraction until the get to know someone on a deep emotional level. Some like the concept of sex in fantasy but would never want sexual intercourse in real life or feel attraction to real life people. Some are okay with having sex or enjoy the sensation but don't feel attraction and would be happy doing it with a toy vs a person because its equivalent to them outside of the social aspect. People don't look at their sex toys and drool over them typically, but they still have their favorites cause the sensation is good.

  11. Vaush said that there isn’t really any meaning to the label of Asexual since people use it to refer to basically whatever.

  12. So basically an allo is supportive but confused. Sounds about right.

  13. Washed, soaped, washed again, hand sanitizer, etc. after I saw the word tetrodotoxin I damn near peeled the flesh off my palms.

  14. Unlike poison dart frogs the problem here usually is getting it in your mouth or letting it sit on your skin for a long time.

  15. Yeah those people are annoying but in every group you are gonna find people who take that shit too seriously. Idk if it makes this place cult like when the majority here are chill. Still i wish that it was more common for people or the mods to tell the ultra carnivores to chill.

  16. Avali Hunter is the most adorable, precious thing in this universe, and must be protected at all costs!

  17. In this timeline Hunter lived long enough to sacrifice himself to save Flapjack, his first friend; this is the end result.

  18. "oh no mom! You left the tags on let me help you with those!"

  19. One scene was drawn by someone who wears glasses, the other wasnt

  20. Someone gives him a flaming hot Cheeto and his puritan pilgrim ass explodes

  21. In fairness you do rock the lumberjack plaid well. The lesbian lumberjack plaid.

  22. Isn’t Belos just a knockoff Macbeth? (In terms of do whatever is needed to get to your goal, and so long as it’s destiny you’re the good guy)

  23. Knock off implies poor quality. Belos is incredibly well written.

  24. Yeah that Buffalo is pretty immature for sticking its face in a crocodile's mouth

  25. Definitely, then we'd get more details on what brand of Jesus-cult Christians Andre's parents are. Not to mention, the stories from some of my ex-religious friends are so wild, I have no doubt that Andre and Ron could have a hysterical conversation about it.

  26. Ok but who's to say he left his religion for culty reasons and more just cause he stopped believing? With all his talk up of the mushrooms i can see him having a wild trip one day and coming out of it with the conclusion there is no god pretty easily.

  27. we’re only just going back into hiatus again, and the worms are making a return!?

  28. Awww these designs are so cute, love the 4 eyes and dewlap.

  29. They are called dragabeasts, in the dnd campaign the lore was they were a domesticated cousin of dragons used as pack animals in a desert enviornment. They can’t breath fire and can’t speak english but have human teenager levels of intelligence and personality. Very playful and bond with people, they just don’t have the best survival skills.

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