1. But Jeff said they were cool. You know Jeff right? Of course you do.

  2. Transdimensional Nexus Jeff or some other Jeff?

  3. The only Jeff I trust is Gef and he's a mongoose.

  4. If Gef hasn't let you down then it's probably a good idea not to roll the dice on another Jeff. You go to war with the Jeff you have, not necessarily the one you want.

  5. Looks like a drag mark so maybe his tire just said fuckit I'm out.

  6. Because the story is told from the perspective of the Spartans. Thats why all the Spartans are all Jacked and the not so great thing about Spartan society like the annual war on the helots is glossed over.

  7. Smaug was taken out by a dude with a Pointed Stick. The Balrog almost took out a demi-god

  8. That new series isn't anything, the announcement was more about using AI to cut costs of production. THAT'S the important part. Shaq is just 1 show, a drop in the bucket. WOW revenues, YFE revenues, THAT's the key here in the upcoming ER. ER should be out next week and should show quite an increase in revenue over last year.

  9. Shaq is definitely not just a drop in the bucket. Andy still regards it as one of GNUS's tent pole productions unlike almost all of WOW's. GNUS's has invested a great deal of money and credibility to try to make it happen. Most of WOW's productions are gun for hire. Wow doesn't own the license or merchandising rights.

  10. HUH? WOW made 57 million, how can you even compare the 2? Not saying the other stuff doesn't matter, but c'mon.

  11. Both had high revenue and a thin profit margin but were profitable before the merger.

  12. I don't have any Discordian friends to drink mojitos with.

  13. They can butt chug them instead

  14. The character is not interesting. The world is not interesting. The villain is not interesting. What are we selling here?

  15. To bats, it's embarrassing. To humans, it's Morbifying.

  16. Press on your right Touch controller to pull up your universal menu. Hover over the clock on the left side of the universal menu. ... Select Settings in the top right corner. Select Guardian from the left menu. Select Clear Guardian History.

  17. So, AI chatbot doesn't think all Discordians are obsessed with the Flintstones. Well, I yabba dabba do.

  18. If you are having loafing problems then make sure your ingredients are properly mixed and you have added enough yeast or baking powder. Different altitudes can change how much you should add. You also want to let your dough rise before putting it in the oven. Try not to disturb the bread until it is fully baked and then cooled. That should help you get a nice loaf.

  19. You can't really call it a "gain" when you're in the red. Especially that deep in the red. That's not how any of it works.

  20. But but but libs are getting totally pwned right? Even if I'll never seen my money again, I can still trade my shares for lib tears, right?

  21. So World War III comes down to ... who can make the better memes?

  22. I fought in the first meme wars and in the Great Meme War. It was supposed to be the meme war to end all meme war, it wasn't. As long as there are still shit posters still trying to make Milhouse into a meme, the meme wars will never be over.

  23. This is such shallow thinking. Childish, even.

  24. Is this an explicitly Scientological text? It occurs to me that kids do need to learn to use a dictionary, and it's as reasonable a thing to write a mediocre picture book about as anything else. But I get the vibe that this is Scientology related somehow, which lends an air of creepiness.

  25. misunderstood word" is a crucial concept in the Scientology belief system. Misunderstood words are so dangerous, they may manifest as physical illness, emotional outbursts, or "nervous hysteria".

  26. That's very first dynamic of you. I think someone needs a Sec Check.

  27. Because you are an asshole. Rust is a sandbox game and you are free to play however you want and so is everyone else. If you want to play as a pacifist then go right ahead but don't cry when other people are having fun playing as murder hobos. Go play on a pve only server if you can't handle the heat.

  28. Can it act as a dungeon master for a dnd campaign;

  29. It can generate character, back story's and scenarios but it won't actually be able to DM the game coherently. It could probably generate an entire module or campaign setting.

  30. Got any vegetarian hotdogs? If animal meat touches my robotic soul it causes an electrical riff in the time space continuum.

  31. Just transubstantiate the chicken assholes and pork lips into whatever you want. You are a Pope, you can do that. I just transubstantiated some peach lambic into urine. Twas easy.

  32. Ah, of course. Sounds like what they did back at the factory... I'll have to break a few NDAs, but I'm legally protected by the fact that nothing I am speaking of exists outside of my mindspace.

  33. The beating will continue until morale improves.

  34. The question is if the hooker is dead or alive. Maybe he was the real zodiac killer all along.

  35. The hooker will be both dead and alive until someone looks in the trunk.

  36. Great action film, HORRIBLY inaccurate historically. If anything, the Persians were the good guys

  37. Can someone explain to me what happened to Shaqs Garage?

  38. Who cares, Shaq probably wanted more money, but seriously, enough with the Shaq stuff, it's just 1 show. WOW made 57 Million in revenue and nobody talks about THAT.

  39. Nobody is talking about that because revenue is not the same as profit.

  40. You mean the show that was supposed to launch in the fall 2021 and got postponed to spring of 2022 then 3rd quarter 2022 and then to 2023 and now indefinitely. I would not hold your breath.

  41. When the light goes directly into our eyes, it hits the retina... Then we can see it. Otherwise, you don't see light. Like you can't see a laser without smoke, dust, water vapor... Even then, that's reflected light off of those particles.

  42. I was trying to make a Joke. I should have used the sarcasm tag.

  43. 99.99999999999999999999% of things (not just rocks) reflect light. There, is that close enough?

  44. If something has to be able to reflect or emanate light inorder for us to see it then how do we see light.

  45. But it’d it’s matrix, we can find algorithm of matter and test it and get theory of everything. And I have it partially and would like to share with the world. What is agnostic? Rejecting answers? But information can let build better devices.

  46. Agnosis means without knowledge. General agnosis isn't the rejection of knowledge but rather a rejection of absolutism. I don't completely agree that anything is absolutely true but things can be true enough. I'm only relatively certain about anything. I say it is practical because once you plant your flag on a piece of knowledge and say that something is absolutely true, the place where you planted your flag tends to become the hill you die on. Religion is a prime example.

  47. What about general relativity? Or earth being not flat? Or your salary? Are you agnostic about those?

  48. General relativity is a useful model for some applications but It can't be entirely correct. If so then it would imply that Black Holes have infinite mass. A theory or model of how part of reality works can still be useful, even if it is flawed.

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