1. I'm adopted and used ancestry to find my biological dad. I didnt even have a name to go off but it worked and he had no idea I even existed let alone had been adopted. DNA testing on places like ancestry bring out a lot of secrets I'm sure

  2. I used to read his weekly articles, I think it’s fair to say he had big impact on how I look at sexual relationships

  3. Wanna help me write something? I like the way you communicate (comment creeper).

  4. I started 4 times. Each time I realized, “no, someone will respond to this”

  5. Ideas included “help me baby trap hubby”, “currently pregnant, hubby won’t touch me, Do me raw”, “recently transitioned, be my first”.

  6. Same as always, nothing to report

  7. Same. At least there was no body shaming this week

  8. Oh I need to check that out. I do creep on SI to keep my opsec tight.

  9. Ha I got pissed already and noped out. Someone saying the pain is the same as loosing a child. Fuck right off. I have lost a daughter who was a year old. The commenter was talking about loosing a pregnancy.

  10. Ad this is why I randomly buy new boxers for no reason.

  11. I fell chat has a better flow compared to DMs

  12. I have to be honest, my favorite part of AM is the drama it causes

  13. Some guys will lie, some won’t. You can’t expect to get a universal answer.

  14. The closest I got to sexual activity this week was my wife giggling at my penis and saying it looked like a turtle.

  15. If you sleep with him, I hope you have a new job lined up first

  16. Sorry bro, my last pic exchange went poorly too. The “I’m not interested” goes a long way, but I understand why most women don’t do it

  17. A swing and a miss this week, I’m thinking my next ad will include “please no lawyers”

  18. I’ve not done well with lawyers, medical has been pretty good for me though

  19. Seriously, I never hear anything positive about AM…

  20. That’s brilliant. Yes, please. I have my list ready to go 😂.

  21. If you got to talk about me, send it my DM, I’m in that kind of mood

  22. You seem like a good egg, honestly, apart from the consistently bemoaning your location 😂.

  23. “Let me film you filling my toy, hung only”

  24. You don’t want to know about the ad I just saw…

  25. So, really, if they keep banning you… why do you want keep trying?

  26. You’re single, go have some experiences. Even if it’s not a sex filled trip, enjoy being someplace different, if your MM can’t handle/respect that, it’s time to re-evaluate the situation

  27. The personal Struggle bus has been a long run since thanksgiving, and it’s really fucking cold. Stay safe friends

  28. I agree with most of what you said, but also keep in mind it all depends on your location as well.

  29. I think location is a bigger factor than most give credit to

  30. I was going to say "Now I wanna see that ad", but on second thought it would probably end up being copied/pasted all over the place. 🤣

  31. That would make it easy to filter them out though

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