1. Got to put those big balls some where

  2. Donald Trump great hair day

  3. Address pls. To make sure it's cleand up👀

  4. 0x6299eA85765B7502F441ae74F80003575d37334A

  5. No, we either trust that RC has what's best for apes. And don't believe mm and there bs articles

  6. Looks like a fat lady fucking a skinny guy fatty on top👀

  7. Speed 👀 non factor👍

  8. That it's not like she hulk. And dark and evil

  9. Sry sry wtf is going on in this video...lololol never seen this one🥲

  10. Explain like I'm 5 pls..

  11. 0x6299eA85765B7502F441ae74F80003575d37334A

  12. LFG!! I’m so glad you like the idea! I’m stoked about it! 🤣

  13. Beautiful 0x6299eA85765B7502F441ae74F80003575d37334A

  14. Why the hood stays the hood.

  15. Lmfao, you saw the word hood and thought racism. Because white people do not live in the hood at all anywhere? And your correct there are no videos of white kids in the hood attacking teachers... lmfa🤡

  16. Need this in America. Would definitely help with the stupid people problem that we suffer...

  17. Tarzan swinging from one bad tattoo to another 😬

  18. He'll yeah I love ape chat..... got any structural welders/iron worker apes?

  19. Seriously what did school teach you nothing? Pee and weld duuuuuu..

  20. Looks like boss needs a new welder

  21. Hit so hard the gun got hard!!

  22. Lmfao this one got me lololol

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