1. Right replace one bs politician with another… she didn’t do a damn thing for the city of Dayton… why makes you think she’ll do anything for the state

  2. Easy, dewine banned abortion after 6 weeks, can't get that overturned with him in there. He's also against any Marijuana legalization, which has already passed in Michigan and likely to pass this year in Pennsylvania.

  3. What has he stopped on marijuana that hasn’t been passed yet I see no one slowing down their efforts for anything in any of the stores here in Dayton?

  4. Currently vaping switchberry og, when you exhale there’s a slight peanut butter and jelly sandwich taste mixed with a little spice….. someone said that in a previous post and it gave me the impulse to try. I must say they were not wrong FS has never let me down with any of their pods.

  5. Butterfly effect has Tropicana punch luster pod… any reviews on it?

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